LuckyVitamin Beauty Bag October 2018 Subscription Box Review

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LuckyVitamin’s Winter Beauty Bag is here to solve all of your seasonal beauty woes and give you a chance to try new personal care items you may not have heard of yet. Indulge and pamper yourself! Winter is the time to avoid chemical-filled products that irritate and dry out skin. Instead, reach for something simple and natural. Lucky for you, this Beauty Bag makes going natural easy and convenient. And the best part – it won’t break the bank or bog you down with a monthly subscription fee. With everything from ultra-nourishing face masks, organic lip balm, hydrating conditioner, and body lotion that’s gentle enough for babies – it has something for everyone to enjoy. You can grab the bag here!

Take “Oh, Hey” On a Getaway, Holiday, or to a Soiree
So grab “Oh, Hey”, put on a beret, and get ready to go see a ballet on Broadway! It’s perfect for a play, the buffet, to hold your crochet, or a date with Bae on a rainy, grey day… hey, hey! Don’t be afraid of being called cray. We pray you say, “Oh, hey. I LOVE this bag today!”

I received a list of the items in the box.

I received a bag for holding all of the samples. It has fabric material on top, maybe canvas? The bottom is blue plastic or PV material, and the plastic zipper is a matching sky blue.

There’s all my samples!

Everything in my box! Wow, I’m going to be busy trying these samples for a while!

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Body Lotion ($0.42) Nubian Heritage shows up frequently in natural beauty boxes. I liked the lotion, it smelled good without being super strong, and my skin absorbed it pretty quickly with no greasy after feel. Bodyceuticals Organic Calendula Oil ($0.15?) can be used as a makeup remover or a moisturizing oil for face or body. It has a base of olive oil which was infused with calendula flowers, and there is also vitamin E.

J.R. Watkins Hand & Body Lotion ($0.88) is the type of body lotion I like, made with real lavender extract for scent instead of the horrible mainstream fake stuff in other lotions. Sadly, I feel like my sample was old, it smelled off when I applied it, like something in it was now rancid.

Dr. Lip Bang’s Lip Freak Lip Balm Atomic Cherry ($4.49) I’ve spotted this in my grocery store and was intrigued, so I was happy to find it in my box!

I swiped it on my lips and then shortly thereafter my lips started buzzing. Vibrating. Fizzing. Then they were kind of numb. Like when your dental anesthesia wears off. I have tiny lips but after a while they were bigger than I’ve ever seen them before. Don’t lick your lips or else your tongue will freak out too!

Tom’s Of Maine Luminous White Toothpaste ($1.32) is a pretty nice toothpaste and has fluoride to fight cavities. I  am not expecting much whitening though but it works well as a toothpaste. Hello Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste ($1.46) doesn’t have fluoride but does have activated charcoal for whitening. I liked using it but I scared myself when I looked in the mirror and gave thanks for modern dental practices. It left a mess in my sink though.

My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder ($0.06) is also fluoride-free, and similar to the previous product except it’s in powder form. Just sprinkle on your wet toothbrush and get to brushing. You will have a messy sink afterwards, just saying.

Keeko Morning Mint Flavor ($2.43) I’ve read about oil pulling before. You swish coconut oil around in your mouth for 5-15 minutes a day and the oil “pulls” the plaque off of your teeth so they can look pearly white. It is sugessted that you do this once a day for 14 days so this is really just a sample to help you see what the product tastes like and if you can handle swishing for that amount of time. Make sure to spit it out (you don’t want to swallow all of that bacteria) into the trash (you don’t want to clog your drains). Lumineux Whitening Strips ($2.24) claim to make your teeth whiter without sensitivity. This is a good way to see if they make your teeth and gums hurt, and if not you can order a whole box for the full whitening effect.

Derma-E Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask ($2.94) has apricot seed powder to exfoliate the skin while clay helps purge pores of gunk. Perfect for oily skin. Pacifica Purify Facial Cleansing Wipes ($1.89) I used these wipes to remove my face makeup, but I did not try it on my eyes since it says it’s for facial cleansing and is not a makeup remover. It has a light scent of coconut and did a decent job of getting off that first layer of debris, but then I went over it with my regular cleanser. The wipes are pretty large.

Live Clean Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner ($0.73) are both 97% derived from plant ingredients. They are free from SLS and phthalate as well as parabens. Coconut fruit extract can be found in both products and they are meant for dry hair since they are creamy and moisturizing.

Herbatint Royal Cream Regenerating Conditioner ($0.32) is a conditioner from Italy that is usually used immediately after dying hair with Herbatint hair dye. You can purchase a whole bottle to keep hair revitalized after processing.

Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin Conditioner ($0.17) can be left on hair for just a minute or you can leave it on up to 10 minutes for a deep conditioning treatment. Safe for color treated hair. The sheet said we would receive the shampoo so maybe there was a last minute switch.

Blum Naturals Daily Cleansing Towelette ($0.30) I did try this cloth on my eye makeup but it didn’t work that well so I used it to remove my face makeup before following with my usual cleanser.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Exfoliators & Masks ($1.75) is a mild exfoliant that has jojoba beads to help remove dead skin cells physically, while AHA’s help break down the glue that holds dead cells together to help them shed off of skin quickly. I thought it worked well and I didn’t experience any irritation.

Yuni Shower Sheets ($1.25) are cleansing sheets for your BODY! I shower every day so I’m going to keep this handy in case we have another really hot day and use it to freshen up. Essenza Shower Burst ($1.19) I placed this shower burst on the floor of my shower and when I got ready to take a shower my bathroom smelled great. Along with the lavender it also had menthol so it was stronger than some of the bursts I’ve tried before, but when I started lathering up with shampoo and body soap then I couldn’t really smell it anymore, but that’s how it goes with this type of product.

Kirk’s Gentle Gentle Castile Soap ($0.80) I placed this gentle bar soap next to my kitchen sink for cleaning my hnads when cooking meals. I prefer a non-scented soap in the kitchen and this one is so light that it qualifies.

Yogi Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin DeTox ($0.83) The name of this tea is confusing to me. It says soothing yet it has green tea so you might want to drink this earlier in the day to keep the caffeine from messing with your sleep. It has herbs that are supposed to help soothe skin. Youtheory Collagen Powder ($0.45) is a supplement that you can stir into water, coffee, or juice. It may help fight signs of aging and revitalize hair, skin, or nails. The collagen is derived from cows (it’s similar to gelatin) and there is also vitamin C and biotin in huge amounts.

Soothing Touch Herbal Therapy Tuscan Bouquet Bath Salts ($3.29) contains Dead Sea salt, sea salt, mineral salts, and Epsom salt and is scented with lavender, chamomile, and bergamot essential oils. You pour the whole contents of this packet in the bath and then relax with its soothing scent. It smells really good!

Oi Sanitary Product Sample Pack Oi is an eco-conscious brand of female hygiene products made from organic cotton and packed in bioplastic, which is made from plants.

All Oi products are free from chlorine, synthetics such as rayon and polypropylene, chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and lubricants, they are also biodegradable.

I received an assortment of products from their line: Ultra-Thin with Wings Pad ($0.43), Panty Liner ($0.18), Tampon with Applicator ($0.35), and Non-Applicator Tampon ($0.24). I had to guess on the sizes since they weren’t listed. I think this is a good alternative to traditional pads and tampons and if you are interested, this company also offers a menstrual cup.

I liked getting a big bag of samples to try from Lucky Vitamin! I was happy to be a guinea pig and try all of these goodies, plus I found some new favorites. I have no idea how Lucky Vitamin came up with a promised value of around $70 when I came up with around $30.56, not including the bag itself. There would need to be more full-sized items to hit that value. Almost all of these items were one-time use only.

What do you think of Lucky Vitamin’s Beauty Bag?

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