Kids BookCase Club November 2018 Subscription Box Review + 50% Off Coupon!

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BookCase.Club now has a subscription for children of all ages – the Kids BookCase Club! Starting at $9.99 each month, you’ll get a monthly shipment of handpicked books that you and your kids will surely love. Each BCCKids case comes with three handpicked children’s books, chosen to ignite the imagination and inspire creativity.

You can customize the subscription depending on your child’s gender and age range. Available age categories are newborn to 2 years old, 2 to 4 years old, 5 to 6 years old, 7-8 years old, and pre-teen. This is the review of the box curated for 7-8 year old kids.

This month’s package arrived well-packed with pieces of paper providing extra support during transport. As always, we were so excited to see what was inside!

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Everything in the November 2018 box!

Doctor Nice By Valeri Gorbachev ($50.50)

A favorite childhood game is given fresh appeal in this warm, humorous picture book. It was a busy day at Doctor Nice’s office. The waiting room was full of patients with various winter ailments―from Mrs. Pig’s frostbitten nose to the goat kids’ headaches, caused by their head-butting style of hockey play. Never fear, Doctor Nice comes up with the perfect cures for them all. In the surprise ending, readers meet the real Doctor Nice―an imaginative little boy, playing doctor to his roomful of stuffed animals.

Valeri Gorbachev’s cozy, comforting story will warm the coldest winter day and help allay children’s fears about visiting the doctor.

The kids love this game so they’re really excited to read the story.

The inside flap of the book cover has the synopsis of the story. This is the perfect book to read so the kids’ fear of going to the doctor will fade away.

It has full colored pages. Even with few words, the story is easy to tell because of the illustrations, and the animal drawings have so much appeal to my kids.

What The Dinosaurs Did At School By Refe & Susan Tuma ($12.06)

In this follow up to the hit What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night, the masterminds behind the social media phenomenon Dinovember once again envision the wonder and chaos of toy dinosaurs come to life-this time in a setting that’s perfect for back-to-school!

Every November, writer and social media master Refe Tuma and his wife, Susan, work into the night to bring their four children scenes from the secret lives of their toys–specifically the nighttime antics of their plastic dinosaurs. But in the follow-up to the hit What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night, these scampish dinosaurs make the trip to school, hidden in a kid’s backpack. Each scene is photographed in meticulous detail, letting viewers joyfully suspend disbelief and think to themselves–just LOOK at what these diminutive dinos did at school!

It’s a follow up to the hit What The Dinosaurs Did Last Night. In this story, the dinos followed the kids at school!

The exciting adventures of the dinosaurs at school is shown via cool photographs!

The high-quality photos and the story itself were truly engaging. We can see that the dinos had so much fun, so the kids also had fun reading this cute storybook. The story format, where the dinosaurs are hiding from humans while doing their activities, have thrilling appeal to the kids!

Surprise In The Meadow By Anna Vojtech ($13.31)

When Little Chipmunk wakes from his long winter sleep, it is springtime and he is hungry. But Little Chipmunk finds no seeds in his hiding place. Instead, there is the shoot of an unusual plant. The plant grows taller and taller under the spring sun, finally sprouting a gigantic golden flower: a sunflower!  Warm, rustic illustrations show Chipmunk watching the sunflower grow and change throughout the seasons. The flower turns from a brilliant yellow to a darkening brown, and sheds hundreds of seeds before wintertime. These seeds feed Little Chipmunk, but he is sure to bury some for next year, too. Backmatter includes a page detailing the life cycle of a sunflower.

Want to know the life cycle of a sunflower? This book contains exactly that. We’re amazed by how these beauties grow.

The chipmunk watched as the sunflower reveals its beauty. The sunflower also helps the chipmunk by providing some seed for food.

The artwork is really fascinating! The kids love each glossy and colorful page! Great for a literature based science exploration, too!

Another great set of adorable picture books for the kids! This month, we got not only colorful pages but stories as well. The kids love the stories, and each has a valuable lesson for the kids to absorb and keep. Among the three, I found the Doctor Nice book the most helpful, especially for parents like me, as it teaches the kids about how doctors treat and cure their illness and that they should not be afraid of these heroes. The other two are fun reads as well, I can tell how much my kids love good picture books. No need for lots of words, just beautiful pictures and they’ll sure have a great reading and bonding time!

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