Bombay & Cedar October 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bombay & Cedar is a monthly luxury aromatherapy, beauty, wellness and lifestyle subscription box featuring vegan and cruelty-free full and deluxe size products. Items range from essential oils, diffusers, skincare, books, activities, healthy snacks and other surprises for the discerning woman who values her health, wellness & living a life inspired.

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The box itself looks fairly simple but the contents are everything.

The box is full of goodies!

There’s an information card that lists the contents of this month’s box, with a short description and retail price. The theme is KINDNESS.

Bombay & Cedar updated and simplified the information card & booklet into one smaller booklet. Love this fresh look!

This page lists all the contents for this month’s box.

This month’s featured brand is Modern Skyn Alchemy.

I learned a lot just by going through this magazine.

There’s an article that shares 10 random acts of kindness.

Everything in my box!

Also, if you share a photo of your box on Instagram, you’ll get a free gift in your next box.

We got a bonus for sharing our previous box on social media, and a thank you note too!

Elly Preston Jewelry. It’s an Elly Preston open end cuff bracelet!

It’s absolutely charming! It’s a thin bracelet with open ends so you can adjust it easily for a comfier fit.

Lesser Evil Grain-Free Paleo Puffs in Himalayan Pink Salt ($0.75) These crunchy puffs are flavored just right with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salts!

This pack of delicious puffs, that can actually replace microwaved popcorn for your TV time, is made with organic cassava root, coconut, coconut oil, sweet potato, and of course, the pink Himalayan salt. It’s the perfect alternative for a healthier snacking experience!

Here are the staple items on every Bombay and Cedar box, the essential oils!

For this month, we got the Stimulating Cinnamon and Uplifting Tangerine oils.

Bombay & Cedar Tangerine Essential Oil ($10) Tangerine is most widely used in Asia, especially in Chinese medicine, as it helps with a range of ailments such as breast tenderness, lymphatic clearing, and a lot more. Tangerine oil is a good antifungal and antiseptic, that’s why you can usually find it as an added ingredient to skin care products.

Bombay & Cedar Cinnamon Essential Oil ($10) A fragrant oil that is derived from the leaves of the cinnamon tree, it shares the many of the same qualities of its sister oil, the cinnamon bark. It boosts the brain function as it is a great brain tonic.

The next item, which is packaged carefully, is from one of the featured brands this month, Modern Skyn Alchemy.

Modern Skyn Alchemy Rose Flower Water ($4.20) It is made out of pure Rose Absolute Essential Oil and distilled water, and contains the essence of the plant in every drop, similar to the essential oil, but comes in a milder form. It has a really sweet-floral aroma that’s really lovely to smell. It soothes, and at the same time, hydrates the skin. It’s perfect to apply on the face and body as it also freshens the skin.

Herb & Orchard Ready-Made Water Infusion ($0.49) Water’s taste actually depends on its temperature, but mostly, it’s bland and really not that enjoyable to quench your thirst, so Herb & Orchard introduces us to ways to enjoy drinking water!

Each pouch of water is infused with real fruits and herbs, without additives, preservatives, artificial colors, and sweeteners. Also, there’s no need to refrigerate it and you can immediately quench your thirst with this on-the-go pouch which is really convenient.

Zatik Relieve Eye Serum ($35; $28 on the card) It’s an organic eye and face serum that helps eliminate and smooth out puffiness around your eye area.

It has a lightweight formula that is easily absorbed by the skin which softens and smooths the appearance of wrinkle lines. It left my skin soft and younger-looking!

Airome Himalayan Pink Salt Pluggable ($131.59 Premium Box; $69.59 Mini Box) This is a pluggable used to purify air and provide a therapeutic glow. It comes in several designs: an intersecting circle in rubbed bronze, or white or brushed gold with cut metal design.

You can learn a lot about the product from its box!

The pluggable came with the salt crystals to be warmed by the bulb. The crystals, when heated, emit energizing negative ions, purifying the air, and improving mood.

The product also provides a natural-feeling light source. It’s great for bedrooms or even the living room.

The negative ions the product emits helps neutralize positive ions emitted from devices like phones and computers, and water molecules attracted by the salt can also carry positive ions.

Rory Ashton Gemstone Bracelet ($38) Another accessory I got from this box is this beautiful quartz bracelet by Rory Ashton!

Quartz is known as “master healer,” and the stone of harmony and positive energy. It helps to expand consciousness to facilitate open communication and also stimulates the chakras.

Aside from its many benefits, the quartz pull-thread bracelet is a good accessory too. It may look minimalist but its simplicity is what gets me. I love how simple yet mesmerizing it looks, and it’s easy to adjust too!

Knock Knock Send Some Friendship ($12) One great way to share kindness and good vibes is by sending out positive “notes” to your friends!

There are 24 fill-in-the-blank postcards in this set.

Each card has a phrase that you can fill in with the appropriate word for a specific friend/loved one.

Each postcard also has a space for your message, a stamp box, and lined spaces where you can fill in the name and address of the receiver.

I am happy about how this box shows us many ways on how to spread kindness and good vibes to our loved ones. As always, the essential oils are fantastic! Among the two oils, I love the tangerine one as it is greatly used for many ailments. Its citrusy smell is one of the best too! The bracelets in this box are both looking gorgeous and easy to wear. They definitely go well with my other accessories and outfits. The snack is actually pretty good with the infused water drink. This box is solid, and I am looking forward to what the coming boxes are in store for me, and what positive traits they’ll be focusing on soon!

What was your favorite in this month’s Bombay & Cedar box?

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