toucanBox September 2018 Subscription Box Review + Free Box Coupon

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toucanBox is a monthly activity subscription box that encourages creativity through crafting, learning and imaginative play for children aged 3- 8. It is the box’s goal to create a safe outlet for kids to develop their curiosity and critical thinking, open their minds to new ideas and express themselves freely. It includes puzzles, games, experiments, and recipes that are high quality and safe.

The box is personally addressed to the children with everything you need like the materials, instructions, and magazine.

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We are greeted with a uniquely laid out box that features the 2 crafting activities and its materials. It is designed to fit the needs of the UK Royal mail – but in the cutest little flat box! You know this one is really going to be grab and go!

Everything in the box!

They included colorful stickers in the box!

My 4 year old was in the mood to make some artwork and he even used the stickers with it.

As promised, in every box, we are given a vibrant and interesting magazine for kids.

We are introduced to the friendly characters that will help the kids in their learning process of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

The story takes the characters to the first learning experience and it progresses as you turn every page.

First, here’s an experiment on making a homemade ice cream! The ingredients and instructions are included with some step by step images.

After the experiment, it is explained with short games or activities and elaborate illustrations.

This one’s an activity about Coding for the Technology category. Other than the basics of coding, the kids get some coloring action too.

This will test the child’s ability on being keen to details and arithmetic skills as well.

This reminds me of paper dolls, but we are going to make our very own version of robots instead. This will enhance the kids’ imagination and style. You can also see what they truly want in a toy when they write its functions.

You can determine the mood and emotions of the kids through their drawings. This is a good activity so you will have an idea of what goes on their minds and hearts.

These are the ways on how you reach out to show some lovin’ to the toucanBox family.

The kids are helping each other with the activities!

There are 2 crafting activities as promised.

Activity No. 1: Tie Die Butterfly. Tie-dying is fun! It’s even more interesting now because we’re designing a butterfly’s wings using this technique.

The needed materials are packed and sealed in the same plastic.

We have the wooden sticks/clothes pegs that will serve as the butterfly’s body, coffee filters that will serve as the butterfly’s wings, pipe cleaners, watercolor paints, and markers.

These are the materials needed and the step by step instructions.

We can push the experiments further by reviewing our primary colors and its color effects when combined.

My son made circle patterns and experimented with the color combinations on the coffee filters as instructed in the magazine.

Then, he folded it and dipped into the cup with water as instructed in the magazine. As the water is being absorbed by the coffee filter, it created cool combination shades of color.

The structured pattern became a whole new design and shade of color.

We scrunched the coffee filters in order to fit the clothes pegs and made it look like the butterflies’ wings. He also drew faces and I put the yellow wires for the antenna on each. SO CUTE! He was so proud, too!

Activity No. 2: Racing Jelly Fish. For the second activity, we’re making jelly fishes for a fun under the sea themed decoration.

Same with the first activity, all the materials needed in the second activity was packed and sealed together.

We have the thin and thick ribbon, jellyfish template, sticker eyes, suction hooks, straws, stickers, and beads.

This is an easy activity because of the elaborate illustrations and instructions.

The subscription box even made an exciting game out of it.

My son started with putting the dot stickers and the sticker eyes that formed the jellyfish faces.

As instructed, he also put two straws for the yellow ribbons on each jellyfish.

We put the suction hooks on our glass window and hooked our jellyfish with the yellow ribbon. The kids tugged their way to the finish line. The first jellyfish to reach the top wins!

Looks like the right side was the first one to reach the top! Let’s see who won!

It was a fun activity for them, they played with it repeatedly.

The kids love art activities because they can express themselves freely and there’s no right or wrong. toucanBox is a subscription that covers a lot of learning process with simple but exciting activities. It truly brings the family closer as we go through them and play together. It teaches the kids how to collaborate and play nicely with others, at the same time use their creativity and imagination in doing things. The experiments were doable and each activity is not one dimensional because they always incorporate the questions with other ideas and learning categories as well. The illustrations are fun and directly explains the context or the description. The instructions are easy to understand, even for our four year old, and he’s really excited about the next box!

Any thoughts on this month’s toucanBox?

Visit toucanBox to subscribe or find out more!


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