The Curiosity Box by VSauce Subscription Box Review – Summer 2018

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The Curiosity Box is a quarterly subscription box to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Each box comes with 6-9 items that will not only entertain, but also educate you and your family. The subscription is $49.90 per quarter and a portion of all proceeds are donated to fund Alzheimer’s research.

This is their box # 9!

The box is filled with stuff that will feed your mind.

There’s no extra packaging, just a box filled with awesome items!

The Curiosity Box now has a separate information card – it’s great for quick reference and for when someone steals your Curiosity Quarterly for bathroom reading. It contains a list of all the goodies this quarter! And as always, INQ the octopus is our guide through the box.

Each box comes with the Curiosity Quarterly by VSauce.

The quarterly is loaded with interesting, short articles for the curious-minded!

The articles are truly geeky, in a good way. The musings draw from math, science, history, and culture to create fun articles with an inquisitive edge. They also encourage to show your INQ by submitting your own artwork.

For this edition, they included a fascinating article about Door Knobs! They have a knack for making articles about things or concepts we always use but usually ignore. We never know when these little facts and trivia can be handy in the future.

There’s also an article about the Kanizsa Fictional Triangle!

Everything in the box!

The packaging for the box is top-notch – the individual items are in giftable packagings. The VSauce crew even goes so far as to call it limited edition collectible packaging!

These pages feature inspiring people with curious minds.

Postcard. This is the featured artist Victor Mosquera’s postcard design. It sure is thought-provoking. It makes you want to see the art’s layers by seeing past the colors and view things from a different perspective.

There’s an inspiring message from the artist. You don’t usually see that on postcards.

Shenzen Steam Game. This game will take you for a ride in building up your engineering skills and takes you to the center of electronic development. You can use the circuits to build your own games and test them.

  • Build circuits using a variety of components from different manufacturers, like microcontrollers, memory, logic gates, and LCD screens.
  • Write code in a compact and powerful assembly language where every instruction can be conditionally executed.
  • Read the included manual, which includes over 30 pages of original datasheets, reference guides, and technical diagrams.
  • Get to know the colorful cast of characters at your new employer, 深圳龙腾科技有限公司 (Shenzhen Longteng Electronics Co., Ltd.), located in the electronics capital of the world.
  • Get creative! Design and test your own games and devices in the sandbox.
  • Engineering is hard! Take a break and play a brand-new twist on solitaire.

We get excited when we read about levitating things and defying gravity. It’s amazing that there’s an elaborate science behind it so it’s not just some magical bedtime story for kids anymore.

Inq’s Magnetic Levitator. This attracts power of hidden magnets that keeps the levitator hovering and spinning.

Inq’s Magnetic Levitator uses perfectly-placed, expertly-balanced magnets to float the custom orange and white levitator above its base. Watch it hover and spin as it touches nothing but the depths of your imagination.

It’s amazing to see it levitating because of magnets even though you already expect it. They used this simple method on a grand scale like transportation. Less friction and faster on trains.

If you slightly touch it, it will automatically spin and the pointed edge and the mirror keeps the levitator in place. It’s relaxing to watch.

These are all you have to know about the matches and spinning top.

Inqpossible Spinning Top. I’ve never seen a spinning top like this. It’s so compact.

For every spin, you will discover the relationship between torque, surface friction, and angular momentum that makes the transition of the stem working its way down until it’s fully flipped.

This is the position at the start before spinning.

It gradually flipped! The effect is entrancing!

Matchbox Puzzles. We got two puzzles packaged in small portable boxes!

There’s a different puzzle for each matchbox so you’ll never get bored.

Every part of the T-Time box has puzzles you have to solve.

You also have to form a letter T with these small wood crafts that come inside the T-Time box.

Same with the Snooker balls matchbox, every part of it has a puzzle you have to solve. There are also wooden balls attached to each other to form a pyramid.

The kids easily did it!

Turns out spheres can also make a pyramid!

These pages explain the art behind the design of the shirt and some puzzles.

The design of the shirt also translates in its box.

Inq tries to uncover the mysteries of the impossible cube.

Inqpossible Cube Exclusive T-Shirt. It made us see the box’s character Inq in a badass light. I like the shirt’s short sleeves and how it fits comfortably.

It’s not your typical cutesy shirt. Some might find this beautiful or unsettling. But the design is certainly a way to start up a conversation. It’s well drawn and printed.

These are all the info we need to know about Rattlebacks.

Enantiomorphic Rattlebacks. It works just like both sides of our brain. They can work together and may look the same but they have different functions and task to do.

It’s hard to oppose what they are designed to do, isn’t it? They will just rattle and reverse spin on to their natural course.

They are made as the mirror image of each other that’s why they don’t turn in the same direction.

Inq also gives us a chance to shine and show them our creativity!

Inq’s Curiosi-Tea Mug. They are really into geometric cube design this month!

The mug is dishwasher safe and uniquely made for the box.

I can use this every day! The geometric patterns are relaxing to look at.

Whoa, this 3D little one surprised me! I don’t know how they come up with these kinds of ideas. I like the orange twist by the way.

Inq’s cute and creepy at the same time!

They gave us a book that uncovers all the secrets about Light.

The book is in a wrapped in clear plastic.

Light: The Visible Spectrum & Beyond By Kimberly Arcand and Megan Watzke ($25.39)

A visual exploration of the power and behavior of light, across the electromagnetic spectrum, and how it affects life on earth and everything in the Universe.
Light allows us to see everything around us, but humans can only see a sliver of all light, known as the electromagnetic spectrum. Here, Kim Arcand and Megan Watzke present the subject of light as never before. Organized along the order of the electromagnetic spectrum, each chapter focuses on a different type of light. From radio waves, harnessed for telecommunications, to X-rays, which let us peer inside the human body and view areas around black holes in deep space, Arcand and Watzke show us all the important ways light impacts us. An introductory chapter describes what light is and how it behaves, while hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations demonstrate concepts and make for a stunning book that’s a joy to read and browse.
Kimberly Arcand and Megan Watzke are award-winning directors, producers, and authors who have spent their careers in science and technology. Arcand is the visualization lead for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, specializing in image and meaning research, and data representation. She lives near Providence, RI. Watzke is the press officer for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, specializing in communicating astronomy with the public. She lives in Seattle, WA. They are co-authors of Your Ticket to the Universe and have written dozens of articles in print and online.

From the reviews, it seems that we are going to have an out of this world experience when we read this book.

There’s a long synopsis of the book at the cover.

The book shows the full spectrum of light.

It also has an explanation of the colors of a rainbow, how we see it and how our eyes work.

The book even tells us the sources and how light works in space.

It seems that this book not only informative but also takes us on a journey.

The kids are able to learn more about light and its properties and forms.

The book has impeccable image prints and colors.

The book explores every kind of light there is, what we need to know and the cool images that represent it.

The book is dominantly black so every color pops out!

The box does offer a lot of discoveries from different aspects and perspectives of life.  Not only they give us opportunities to explore new apps or technology, but we also get to go back to the basics of how simple things and concepts around us work and then expand its relevance. It’s a great box for making you think and wonder, and our family loves it. We love getting the completely amazing coffee table books every quarter, plus all the fun goodies. Perfect box for science nerds!

What do you think of this quarter’s box?

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