Save 30% on KiwiCo Science Packs: Electronics, STEAM, and Chemistry!

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KiwiCo Science Packs are 30% off! You’ll find complete details on every pack below, just use this link to get the 30% off, no coupon code required!

Chemistry Sets are only valid for Ground Shipping and can only ship to the Contiguous United States. Store prices as marked and only available only for US Shipping. Free US Shipping for Active Subscribers only.

Visit KiwiCo to get the Science Packs or see more info below!

Electronics Pack

The new KiwiCo Electronics Pack is available now!  This pack combines three advanced electronickits from KiwiCo - when you buy all the packs together you'll get it for only $99.95 - a $20 savings!

Three advanced electronics projects designed to teach, engage, and inspire.

Hand-Crank Flashlight Ages 12+ ($34.95) - See the full review here.

Assemble your own hand-crank flashlight, great for outdoor adventures, emergencies, or just battery-free fun. Follow the hands-on experiments in the instruction set to learn how capacitors, stepper motors and diodes work. Recommended for ages 12+.

Our final output!

Light-Up Speaker Ages 12+ ($39.95) - See the full review here.

Explore the science of sound by building an amplification circuit to power your own personal speaker. Customize your speaker with a glowing LED, and learn about transistors and elecromagnetism through the included instruction set. Recommended for ages 12+.

Here's the finished product!

Geometric Laser Projector Ages 14+ ($44.95) - See the full review here.

Construct a variable speed laser projector, capable of producing a variety of different geometric patterns. Walk through the included instruction set to investigate the science behind lasers, potentiometers, and motors. Recommended for ages 14+.

It works really well!

See our review of all the three boxes here!

Chemistry Pack

The new KiwiCo Chemistry Packs are now available for pre-order! Available boxes are Fire Lab, Glow Lab, and Vortex Lab. Grab all for $109.95, instead of $128.95 when purchased individually. Free shipping on orders above $50 (subscribers always get free shipping!).

Get details on each of them and a preview below! Don't forget about the Summer Camp boxes for younger kids, Electronics Pack, and Science & Art STEAM Pack! All of these packs are perfect to round out your summer or to use up charter funds!

Ignite a passion for science with 3 complete chemistry lab kits. With Glow Lab, you’ll receive a UV light and mix up 3 glowing solutions. With Fire Lab, you’ll create a colorful flame lamp and complete 7 combustion experiments. And with Vortex Lab, you’ll build a magnetic mixing machine and explore 4 amazing reactions. Recommended for Ages 14+.

Fire Lab ($34.95)

Ignite chemicals and see the colors of combustion! Contains everything you need to try 7 experiments exploring the chemistry of combustion, oxidation, and capillary action. Make a colorful flame lamp and ignite a passion for science!

Glow Lab ($44.95)

Mix up chemical solutions that glow in the dark! Contains everything you need to try 3 experiments exploring the chemistry of fluorescence, phosphorescence, and chemiluminescence. With a UV light and a spiral stand to help mix up your solutions, you’re good to glow!

Vortex Lab ($49.95)

Build a magnetic mixing machine and spin up a chemical cyclone! Contains everything you need to try 4 experiments exploring the chemistry of solubility, diffusion, and oxidation-reduction. Experience some cool color-changing reactions and mix it up — with chemistry!


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