Mickey Monthly Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2018

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Mickey Monthly is a monthly Disney-themed subscription box. They offer snack boxes, souvenir boxes, and combo boxes with a mix of both types of items! Mickey Monthly selects items from a large selection of WDW souvenirs and treats and now offers many different subscriptions, with different size options (plus you can specify age and gender).

This is a review of the Mickey Size Theme Park edition combo box from Mickey Monthly!

Mickey Monthly offers various subscriptions for Disney fans. Monthly mystery boxes can include Disney pins, officially licensed Disney items, and Disney Parks items. Check the bottom of this post for a complete breakdown of their different subscriptions!

DEAL: Save 20% on any monthly membership. Use coupon code HELLO20.

First look into my box this month and I could see that there were some extras right from the get go. The top had a park map ready for Halloween.

While the squiggles always have some Mickey confetti in them this month we get Halloween themed confetti! It makes me so happy and I can’t help but smile as I look at it.

Mickey and Minnie Salt & Pepper Shaker ($19.99) – I’m not sure how Mickey Monthly knew but I have a collection of Mickey salt and pepper shakers.  Well I guess I should say I have a collection of mis-matched salt and pepper shakers.  I keep buying new ones when I’m down at Disney World but I get them  home and we use them and I inevitable drop one and break an ear. LOL Yes I know that’s silly but I keep the good ones and we still use them. These are fantastic and will now become my October shakers and will fit right into our general Halloween themeing.

While the front are really cute the backs are still so cute.  It’s like looking at the little butts of the pumpkins and that makes me chuckle.

Chocolate Coconut Patties – Disney has some of the best candy around. They always have different chocolate flavors and mixes. This one is fantastically coconutty and chocolaty.

Disney Castle Tower Mug ($19.99) – It has finally started to cool down here in NC and I’m so ready for hot cider and hot chocolate and this is going to be my new go to mug. I just booked my next trip down to the world and this will keep me excited until I actually get there.

Just check out the brick detail on the mug. It’s hard to photograph since its so shiny but there is so much detail and so much to love one there.  It is a heavy mug and will hold all the cider to my hearts content.

Mickey Monthly sent such a fun box this month. So funny that I know they didn’t know about my shakers collection but they could not have been more spot on for me. I love them and and they are so fun to look at on my counter and table. We are going to be using them all month and really we might keep them out for a bit longer until I get out the Christmas ones.  Today is also one of the colder days we’ve had and I was debating a fire but I’m now thinking hot cider is the way to go. My new castle mug is going to get so much use.

What do you think of this month’s Mickey Monthly?

Visit Mickey Monthly to subscribe or find out more!

Here’s a little more detail about all the available Mickey Monthly boxes!

Theme Park Edition contains items from Disney Parks and has three varieties + a limited-time box:

  • Fairy ($29.99/mo) – A limited-time box which is a surprise mix of 2-4 basic Disney Parks items.
  • Mickey ($49.99/mo) – A surprise mix of 2-6 basic and medium Disney Parks items.
  • Castle ($79.99/mo) – A surprise mix of 2-8 basic, medium and large Disney Parks items.
  • Kingdom ($199.99/mo) – A huge mix of 4-12 surprise basic, medium and large Disney Parks items.

Pin Edition are all about Disney trading pins and has two varieties:

  • PinPal ($6.49/mo) – This gives you one, gently used Disney Trading pin that has endured the proud tradition of being traded by other pin collectors.
  • PinPro ($12.95/mo) – Get one shiny, brand new pin, every month. Guaranteed new and tradeable.
  • PinTastic ($19.95/mo) – One brand new pin with backing. Pins in this package are currently being sold at Disney Parks and are open edition.
  • PinCollector ($29.95/mo) – Includes one of the current month’s Limited Edition pins.

Original Mickey Monthly contains Disney Parks souvenirs + snacks and offers two options:

  • Classic ($19/mo) – A surprise mix of 2-6 basic and middle sized souvenirs (quantity varies based on value).
  • Magic ($39/mo) – A surprise mix of 4-10 basic, middle and big souvenirs and snacks (quantity varies based on value).

Snack Edition are all about Disney-inspired munchies and offers three options:

  • Fairy ($29.99/mo) – 2-4 mystery snacks
  • Mickey ($49.99/mo) – 3-8 mystery snacks
  • Castle ($79.99/mo) – 4 to 12 mystery snacks


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