Luxor Box September 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Luxor Box is a luxurious bi-monthly women’s lifestyle subscription box full of high-end products and treasures: home, body, bath, accessories, jewelry, and more! The Luxor Box comes with 5-9 full-size and high-end products worth more than $250 in value. There’s also a petite version of this box that comes with 2-4 items.

The items wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with the Luxor Box logo.

This is our Luxor Box info card!

All the items are packed neatly together with white squiggles.

It shows all the items in the box with descriptions.

Everything in my box!

Orrefors Raspberry Votive ($25; $35 on the card) The votive looks classy, high quality, and well made. It is designed by Swedish artist Anne Nilsson.

Raspberry is one of the Orrefors classics. It is made with refined crystal with a glittering effect that you can see how the light bounces and translates to the table surface.

The magic happens when you put a tealight candle inside it and will create a patterned reflection just like what you are seeing now at the marble.

It can be perfect for candlelit dinners or a special spot in a bathroom if you want a relaxing vibe. This can also be a good gift too and it came perfectly boxed!

Janis Savitt High Polished 18K Yellow Gold, Gunmetal  & Rhodium Triple Cobra Bracelet ($190 on the card) This accessory is also a snazzy gift for the holidays especially for stylish women who love a statement piece (or a gift to moi!).

It is made with 18k yellow gold, gunmetal, and rhodium plated brass.

I love three metal blends, so this is perfect for me. You are not going to lose any because they are three bracelets in one.

They are thick bracelets that are stacked together in a twisted kind of way. I love that its design is a modern classic.

It’s shiny and eye-catching! It’s impossible not to notice it.

I can wear this as a statement piece with a casual or formal ensemble. It fits perfectly on my wrist. A bit tricky to get on (just keep moving them down), but perfect when it’s there. It’s a totally big bold 80s throwback!

We have three products from the brand Caswell-Massey: a hand creme, a perfume, and a soap.

Caswell-Massey NYBG Lilac ($22.05) This is created by a Senior Perfumer Laurent LeGuernec, with a delicate floral scent with subtle notes of suede and amber. The scent is derived directly from the Lilac at the New York Botanical Garden. The spray has a fine mist and the romantic scent can last for hours.

Caswell-Massey NYBG Lilac Hand Creme ($18) It’s a plant-based hand creme formula that is rich in shea butter, vitamins and antioxidants that hydrates and restore the moisture that soothes the dry skin. It has a sweet subtle scent of lilac.

The tube packaging permits the use of the product all the way so you won’t waste anything. It is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Caswell-Massey NYBG Lilac Soap ($10) Next is a triple-milled single bar lilac soap that is also a product of a wonderful collaboration with New York Botanical Garden. The proceeds of these products will go to New York Botanical Garden’s research and education.

I love the packaging. Aside from the floral scent of lilac, it also has nuances of honey pollen.

Upon opening the wrapping paper, the soap is also sealed with plastic and logo sticker.

You can already get a whiff of the lilac scent and experience the garden upon opening and ripping off the plastic.

The plastic and seal may have dented the scent name engraved at the back of the soap, which is okay, because it’s time to soap up and envelope yourself in this scent!

They made our skin feel luxurious with the products from Caswell-Massey. I like that we received the full trio of hand creme, perfume, and soap with the same scent of Lilac to have a cohesive theme. The triple tone bracelet is right up my alley. The crystal raspberry votive definitely upgrades the ambiance of your space and even more so when you put a tealight candle in it and let it light up in the dark. When you compare the price of all items, the bracelet does the heavy lifting and the others are not as expensive but do exude the feel of extravagance.  This box is definitely a win if you loved the bracelet like I did – one of my favorite boxes from Luxor Box ever, and about $275 in value.

What did you think of Luxor Box?

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