Geek Gear World of Wizardry September 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Geek Gear has released their Harry Potter themed edition subscription box – the Geek Gear World of Wizardry! Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with licensed and exclusive Harry Potter merchandise personalized to your chosen Hogwarts House for £24.99! 

The items were wrapped in blue tissue paper.

A tri-fold pamphlet is included, which gives more information about this month’s box contents.

It gives you a full list of all that’s in your box.

Everything in my box!

Wizardry House Beanie (£9.99) This House-particular beanie will come in handy for those bad hair days.

It features the Ravenclaw’s animal symbol, the eagle, and I believe that’s the Elder wand right there at the back.

This Month’s Cookbook Recipes.  For this month’s Cookbook Recipes, we got Steak and Kidney Pie with Buttered Peas and Wizardry Fondant Cookies.

The exclusive recipes are from Where Is My Spoon! The ingredients and some important information about the recipes are found in front of the recipe page. They also have binding holes if ever you want to compile them or if you received the January box with the cookbook binder. We’re really excited to try these recipes out!

Broomstick Figure (£14.99) The figure for this month is protectively packaged, and opening this one actually felt like it’s already Christmas!

It also comes with an owl seal straight from the Owl Post Office!

Here’s the beautiful broomstick figure! It measures 20 cm and is made with a durable resin material.

Broomsticks are an important mode of transportation for Witches and Wizards. The undetachable bipod of this broomstick serves as a support to help the figure stand.

Wand (£11.99) Geek Gear held a wand design contest, and here’s the winning design finally turned into a wand!

The design is made by Julia S, and it’s a phoenix-designed wand, with the feathers scattered on the shaft.

There’s even a Phoenix sitting on the handle!

Phoenix symbolizes rebirth, and this wand shows exactly that as it is a new wand which is made out of chestnut wood with the same core as Harry’s and the Dark Lord’s wands!

I love even the tiniest detail that proves that it’s a Phoenix-related model.

This is certainly one of my favorite Potterverse wands! It shares the same elegance as Snape’s wand and the same power (I believe) with Harry’s!

Fantastic Beasts Print (£4.99) The second installment of the Fantastic Beasts movie franchise is just around the corner, and this Licensed Exclusive is in relation to that!

It’s an art print that features the main antagonist during Newt’s era, Gellert Grindelwald!

Gellert Grindelwald’s symbols actually resemble that of a pirate as it features a skull and a raven, and on top, a symbol which looks like 2 inverted letter Gs with the Deathly Hallows symbol at the middle. This is actually a cool artwork for a Dark Wizard!

Wizardry T-Shirt (£11.99) Another fantastic dark colored shirt, and it features the shadow of the Hogwarts Castle situated under the big full moon!

I am guessing who’s the Wizard riding the broomstick… I guess he’s on his way to somewhere really important. This actually looks like a play on the biker’s shadow from the movie ET, it’s the Wizarding World version!

Another Licensed house item is on its way to our doorsteps… And we can’t wait!

This is another solid box from the World of Wizardry! I love the new wand design and I agree that it’s a real winner! The Phoenix is an important creature in the Potterverse, a symbolic animal, and a great source for making powerful wands. And I am sure that the broomstick figure will stand perfectly on my desk! The Grindelwald print has a classic feel to it, I think it’s best to have it framed. I also love getting 2 new recipes every month from this box, I can’t wait to fill my cookbook binder with Potter-related delights. This subscription is really fun, and getting new subs from Geek Gear or switching sizes from me to my kids and back is as easy as 1-2-3!

What did you think of this month’s Harry Potter Geek Gear box, and what house would you be in at Hogwarts?

Visit Geek Gear World of Wizardry to subscribe or find out more!


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