Dispatch Kids by Breakout Games Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Case of the Missing Coin Box 3

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Dispatch Kids by Breakout Games is a monthly subscription providing an interactive mystery game for children aged 3 and above. For $24.99 a month, your child will receive monthly activities that will test their problem-solving skills, literacy, motor skills, and others that are critical to solving the mystery. It’s an educational and highly entertaining monthly subscription for developing your child’s mental faculties.

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This is Part 3 of the Case of the Missing Coin – the last box in this series!

Johnny has lost his favorite coin and he needs your help! Retrace Johnny’s footsteps and solve puzzles to figure out where it went last missing.

Using maps, flashcards, and digital games you and your little detective will unravel the mystery of the missing coin and learn through hands-on problem solving.

Are you ready to play the coin quest?

Everything in our box!

You’ll get a checklist on what you’ll get for this month’s box. How exciting!

Here’s everything you need to get started: note from Johnny, flashcards, zoo map, safari pass, stickers, and animal sculptures.

Through this activity, the kids will develop early literacy and vocabulary, numeracy and mathematics, motor skills and physical development, and social skills.

There are some rules and how-tos for this game, and they’re listed on this page.

They also listed the cognitive/academic skills the kids will develop, so as the social and emotional skills.

He lost his special coin and he needs our help, and we’re again after Mr. Wallace!

Johnny provided a Safari Pass for us to be able to enter the Safari without any trouble. It also has an ID lace so we can wear it at all times!

And there’s a QR code at the back that we can scan to learn more!

And for us to not get lost, Johnny also gave us a zoo map! It can be used to track Mr. Wallace’s trail.

And to aid us with marking our progress are these shets of adorable stickers. Aside from shapes and numbers, they also have different animal prints! I love the elephant, the lion’s and the kangaroo’s prints!

There is also a sheet that has animal cutout puzzle pieces. We are seeing a giraffe, an elephant, and a roo!

The flash cards also showcase different animals that you can find in the zoo! Each face has the starting letter of the animals, numbered the way on how to write it, and the animal’s image too! The back has their silhouettes.

And there are several guide for caregivers too, to make the experience more enjoyable along with the kids.

First up, the kids read Johnny’s letter and took notes on the clues and materials they’re going to need.

They do so by ticking off the checklist of materials. ✅

With the aid of the scanned QR code, they were brought to the website and from there, they began their journey for this 3rd part of the quest to find Johnny’s missing coin.

They need to click on the question mark on the different parts of the zoo to begin.

Every question mark has a corresponding task that the kids need to accomplish. Look at these fascinated kids!

As they go along the journey in trailing Mr. Wallace’s tracks, they used the stickers to mark the zoo map that Johnny has included in the box. Every task in the map’s online game had a cool video too.

One quest is to match the different patterns to the correct animals.

The app also provided cool trivia about the animals that you can find in the zoo, like this one about the flightless bird, the penguin!

They need to match the sticker on the corresponding space provided on the map.

I also helped to cut out the different animal puzzle pieces, and then the kids started putting  them together.

Look at the animal puzzles-turned-sculptures! They are even standing on their own! We had to decide which was tallest to get the next clue!

This is really a fun adventure for the kids, and they are learning a lot as they go along.

It’s interactive and sure gives the kids something to think about, like matching animal sounds!

The flashcards also require the stickers provided, as they need to match them.

The kids faced the cards down and tried to guess which animal is which. My newly 4 year old had a great time matching silhouettes to animals!

They’re almost done following Mr. Wallace!

And the kids did it! They tracked him down! (HINT if you need help – the clue is in the letter read at the beginning of the story!).

Guess where they found Mr. Wallace in the zoo? The animal on the attraction where he’s at roars!

Now that we found Mr. Wallace, it’s time to search for the coin in his truck!

That’s some delicious looking ice cream inside his truck, but where’s Johnny’s coin? Do you see it?

Yay! We found it! Finally, Johnny got his coin back!

After finishing this 3-part journey, Dispatch will give us a gift as a token of gratitude. We just need to fill the form out with our details. Can’t wait for the gift!

Finally! After three adventures, we finally brought back Johnny’s treasured coin! This is really a fun series of activities and the kids really loved it, and I thought the 3-box length was great. They played as young detectives and they’re really good at solving mysteries! Their skills were tested and they proved that they are capable of solving problems with just a little supervision. I also love this series as I get to bond with the kids, but I didn’t have to interfere. If you’re looking for a low-mess kids activities subscription, this one is absolutely perfect – and especially so if you’re already a fan of immersive mystery subscriptions, which often aren’t suitable for kids. This one is just right! We can’t wait to see what our prize is!

What do you think of this month’s Dispatch Kids by Breakout Games?

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