Cricket Crate August 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon! – MAIL DELIVERY

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Cricket Crate is the newest member of the KiwiCo family that’s specifically curated for babies 0-36 months old. Cricket Crate aims to lay the foundation for lifelong learning through educational toys, books and other baby essentials delivered to your child each month. The subscription costs $19.95 per month, just like the other crates from KiwiCo.

Don’t be confused by the Tadpole Crate branding! This crate is shifting to a new name but the changeover isn’t yet complete.

This month is all about MAIL DELIVERY.

Note: Cricket Crate is available in three versions —  The Newborn Pack is designed for babies of around 0-3 months old. It comprises a storybook, baby-friendly toy, and some reading for parents that highlights developmental milestones and other items of interest. This review covers the version designed for 24-36-month-old kids, which started shipping in November 2017. They are also launching an intermediate version for kids ages 4-23 months. Look for that to be available soon!

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Wonder Magazine

Wonder Magazine is full of practical advice and developmentally appropriate bonding tips, which are great for new and veteran moms, dads, and other caregivers!

There’s a parenting advice column and a brief overview of the magazine’s contents.

They always have articles about child development. This one examined emerging skills relating to a child’s hand-eye coordination.

All of the KiwiCo family of boxes strive to mix educational content with fun activities. Much of the learning is geared toward developing basic skills like motor coordination. There is lots of great info for parents to read — it really adds some insight into the growth your child is experiencing.

Because the target age for Cricket Crate is so young, the focus of the text itself is all on providing information and support for parents. The activities in the younger age range versions of the box are geared toward providing quality bonding time between baby and parent, with the older boxes having slightly more independent activities and skill building.

There were also activity suggestions for some real-world adventures to have with your child, complete with ideas for tying in the lessons from the Crate activity. Here’s an article about Scissor Prep!

Cricket Crate Board Book (Bonus Upgrade!)

We also got this cute board book featuring a frog and his postal carrier!

The book for this month is entitled Olive’s Special Delivery.

The book is so cute, and the kids will have a blast as Olive tries to do something nice for the mail carrier!

While you read the book, you can also try the included activity with the kids!

Olive notices how dedicated her mailman is, and she decides to brighten up his day. The illustrations are appropriate for their target age.

Olive beautified her mailbox by adding a nice scenic painting to it!

The kids definitely love this month’s gift! They’re getting fond of Olive!

Everything in this month’s box!

Activity No. 1: Special Delivery. The first activity in this crate is Special Delivery which aims to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, communication skills, and creativity.

For this activity, the crate provided some felt envelopes, a mailbag, address labels, crayons, and activity sheets.

At this age of technology, it’s really heartwarming to receive snail mail!

The kids made personal notes and put them inside of the envelopes.

They’re ready to drop the letter at the post office!

My other son played the role of the mailman and delivers the letter. So cute!

Activity No. 2: Trace, Fold & Cut. Next up is Trace, Fold and Cut! Like the first activity, it also helps improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, communication skills, and creativity.

There are lots of stuff provided for this activity, including some crayons, activity sheets, scissors, greeting cards, paper envelopes, and stickers.

The activity sheets have clear instructions on them that the kids can easily follow.

Parents can tear off the instruction tabs to Crete a cleaner activity sheet. This set of activities is essentially a fun skills drill putting your kid’s cutting, tracing, and folding skills to the test!

In using the scissors, adult supervision is recommended. Here, he is cutting some grass.

I can tell that the kids are really having fun with all the activities on this crate!

I wonder to whom they are going to send all these lovely envelopes! I hope to get one!

Now, my son is busy doodling on the greeting card.

He also tried his cutting skills on them!

There are also cute stickers that served as letter seals for their personal notes.

I love how Cricket Crate let the kids play different (adult) roles in the society, and this time, they gave them a chance to work as a mail carrier. All the activities are developmentally appropriate and a great way to learn, explore, and interact! They are the perfect balance of imaginative fun and skill building!

What do you think of this month’s Cricket Crate?

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