Brick Loot September 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box filled with LEGO-compatible items, bricks, and brick building accessories for LEGO fans. Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.

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I’m seeing lots of interesting in the box!

This month’s theme is IT’S PIZZA TIME!

The card gives a little description of all the items inside the box.

Everything inside the box!

Pizza Addict. This month’s featured mini-figure the town’s TRUE pizza addict!

This mini-figure Lego is so detailed. It’s wearing an orange cap, maroon shirt, blue jacket, and gray pants.

He’s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary love for pizza!

Pix Brix Pizza. This exclusive pizza-themed Lego from Pix Brix features a revolutionary building brick that utilizes a unique connecting system that requires only one brick design for 2-D and 3-D builds.

Featured on the sides of the box are some essential information that you need to effectively use the item.

The box contains a piece of paper with the picture of the item to be built. There’s a total of 91 pieces of slide and stack bricks.

It also includes a 20% discount card that you can use on your next purchase.

Printed at the other side of the discount card is Pix-Brix Pinterest account, where you can check-out over 1,000 templates & instructions created by other Pixel Artists!

This Lego figure is so easy to build. The bricks are very simple to connect, just slide and stack!

Pizza Genie Light Kit. This custom LED light kit will definitely make your Snack Genie get noticed easily. It produces flashing lights that work like a beacon calling all pizza lovers!

This light kit is made from button-like Lego pieces affixed by a thin wire and a USB connector at the end.


Snack Genie Exclusive 100% LEGO Build. It’s designed by Tyler Clites exclusively for Brick Loot.

Inside the pack is a brochure with a detailed step-by-step procedure, sheets of designed stickers, and 84 pieces of Lego bricks.

Snack Genie is an automated vending machine that offers a variety of delicious chocolate brands and pizza!

Stuck on the side of the machine is a huge logo of Pizza Genie 5000!

Here’s how it looks like from the back.

It’s so funny! The chocolates on the Lego are parodies of actual chocolate names. There’s Kit Kit, Milk Suds, Kreeo, and more!

It looks somewhat like an ATM machine!

Pizza Tile Pack. It’s a custom printed tile pack that contains a variety of bricks related to pizza.

This pack contains 4 flavored pizzas, 2 pizza boxes, and a pizza menu.

All of them are exclusive Lego bricks. They’re small but well detailed!

Pizza & Grill. This is a bit trickier to make because it contains more pieces of LEGO compared to the previous one, 191 in total!

The parts are separated in plastic packs and it also came with an instruction leaflet.

The Pizza and Grill Brick Oven looks so fantastic. It’s so detailed and colorful!

They even have chairs, tables, pizza oven, and a chandelier!

Everything is ready and all that’s missing are the customers. I’m sure Mr. Pizza Addict will be here soon, I hope he’ll like it!

Brick Loot is an amazing subscription for Lego enthusiasts, young and old alike! We absolutely love this month’s Pizza-themed Lego pieces, especially the Pizza House and the Snack Genie vending machine. We’re amazed about how detailed everything is, and all of them are really high-quality. Another thing we love about this subscription is that they send lots of exclusive items for subscribers. Overall, it was a great month and we’re really happy to see our Lego collection grow!

What do you think about Brick Loot?

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