BookCase.Club October 2018 Subscription Box Review + 50% Off Coupon – Mystery

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Bookcase.Club sends hand-selected books to your door for less than $15 including shipping per month. With eight different reader options, there is something for everyone. I picked the thrill seeker case: mystery/thriller books. This box contains two books, one hardcover and a paperback and as well as a card with a quick description of each.

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Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil by Melina Marchetta ($14.89)

When Bish Ortley, a recently suspended cop, receives word that a bus carrying his daughter has been bombed, he rushes to be by her side. A suspect has already been named–a 17-year-old girl who has since disappeared from the scene.

The press has now revealed that she is the youngest member of one of London’s most notorious families. Years earlier, they were implicated in an attack that left dozens dead. Has the girl decided to follow in their footsteps?

To find her, Bish must earn the trust of her friends and family, including her infamous mother, now serving a life sentence in prison. But even as he delves into the deadly bus attack that claimed five lives, the ghosts of older crimes become impossible to ignore.

A gripping fusion of literary suspense and family drama, TELL THE TRUTH, SHAME THE DEVIL is a fast-paced puzzle of a novel that will keep readers feverishly turning pages.

This book sounds like it’s going to be heart racing and gripping, I can’t wait to help Bish figure out who is behind the bombing. I imagine this book is going to be hard to put down until I’ve read it cover to cover. I just hope that I am surprised at the end as every now and then I figure out the entire pot and ruin the big reveal.

The Oslo Conspiracy: A Novel by Asle Skredderberget ($6)

A new twist in thrillers, The Oslo Conspiracy is certain to captivate readers who like their heroes rich, handsome, caring, and very, very sexy.

In The Oslo Conspiracy, a scientist is found dead in a hotel room in Rome. Before she is strangled, she manages to scribble a few words on a piece of paper.

Milo Cavalli is sent to help out with the investigation in Italy, since he is familiar with Italian red tape. Milo finds the note from the scientist, and he also learns that earlier her kid brother had been killed in a schoolyard.

Milo becomes obsessed with finding out if there is a link between the two murders―the sister strangled in Italy and the brother shot in Norway. And he is willing to use his vast fortune and special connections―especially when those connections involve beautiful

This almost sounds like a James Bond movie! I can’t wait to finish the book I am currently reading so I can jump into the world of the wealthy. I like when a book can transport me to another world that I am not too familiar with, it adds another dimension to my love for reading.

When I started reading for fun I started with mysteries and over the years I’ve branched out but I have come to realize that thrillers are easily my favorite. I’ve enjoyed seeing what different writers do to throw me off the beaten path. I am so glad that keeps new authors coming to my door with a nice monthly price tag.

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