Bath Bevy September 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bath Bevy is a monthly bath product subscription box. You’ll receive a box full of bath products like bath bombs, salts, soaks, bubbles, scrubs and more – all that’s left to do is to just add water! I tend to take more baths when its cooler outside and that weather is coming quickly.

The September theme is Nostalgia.

DEAL: Receive 10% off your first subscription and renewals for the Bath Bevy Subscription Box. Use coupon code HELLO10.

Everything in my September Bath Bevy Box!

The box comes with a nice thick card with information on all the included items with some fun descriptions and any discounts that might apply.

Giga Pet Bath Bomb by Loquita Bath and Body – I missed the Giga Pet craze but I do know what they are. This hot pink bath bomb has hints of black and blue raspberry with notes of lily of the valley and grapefruit.

Magic 8-ball Bath Bomb by Hip Modern Soap – Oh my, how awesome is this one????? I’ve had different versions of this toy through the years but I’ve not gotten one for my boys yet. I’m thinking it might be a fun Christmas present for them.  This bath bomb has one answer inside that will reveal itself while taking your bath.

Beverly Hills 90210 Bath & Body Oil by Whipped Up Wonderful – Eehhhh, one of my all-time favorite shows. I was a die-hard 90er back in the day and I still watch re-runs of the episodes and follow the actors in their adult lives. I’m a bit obsessed. This smells so great with scents of ylang-ylang, rose and carnation with green moss, sweet amber, and warm sandalwood.

Ok, who else was already singing this in their heads when they saw the total of the oil? I couldn’t help but share this with you guys so you could be singing it along with me.

Disco Ball Bath Bomb by Fairytale Bath Co – A sparkly bath bomb with hints of blackberry amber. I have two boys who are obsessed with Fortnite and I’m pretty sure the creators of Fortnite love 70s movies. The Fortnite dances are so Disco Era.

Cotton Candy Candle by Once Upon a Candle and Bath Bevy Nostalgia Matches – I love when we get travel tin candles and this one has a super sweet scent to it. It smells great without even burning it. Bath Bevy is always so thoughtful and never sends us a candle without including some matches to light it up.

Shirley Temple Aloe Gel from Bath Bevy – I can never get too much aloe gel. It is so great one not only sunburnt skin but also on really dry and itchy skin. This gel is made with organic aloe leaf juice and fruit and flower extract.

I had so much fun with the September Bath Bevy box. So many memories came back and the looks and scents this month were spot on. Not only did I find some new companies to check out but I got so much fun looking into the goodies and thinking back.  It also made me realize that I really need to get my boys a Magic 8 ball. How much fun will they get out of the old school toy? I can’t wait!

Did you love this month’s box? Did it bring up all kinds of nostalgia for you too?

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