Vegan Cuts Snack Box August 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Vegan Cuts Snack Box is a monthly vegan food subscription that brings 5-7 organic and vegan treats each month. Each subscription box costs $22.95 monthly, and delivers mostly gluten-free snacks (always vegan!) right to your door step.

It comes in a simple box.

It comes with a list of the items, with a mention for certified gluten-free and gluten-free snacks.

Everything in the box!

Back To Nature – Classic Creme Cookies. They are so tasty! They are crunchy (although they arrived a bit crumbly), but they are not dry and the center is creamy and not oily.

And we received a full box of these little treats!

Yes, they can be split and one side gets all the creaminess!

TerraNut Pnut Punch. This is made of a ground blend of cold pressed peanuts, gluten-free oats, and raw organic sugarcane. It’s not too sweet and has a nice peanut flavor.

Rawcha Organic Matcha Bar – Cacao & Goji. It’s made with cashews, dates, and matcha green tea. I found it too bitter for my taste, but the matcha green tea flavor is not overwhelming.

Ginger Chews. These are so good! We love ginger in this house, I have candied ginger hidden in pretty much every room, so these little guys are welcome with open arms! I keep some in my purse and gym bag for when I really need a little pick-me-up on my way to a good meal. Yes, I get angry when I’m hungry and these are perfect. Every time I go to my health store, I may be buying the bigger bag.

Vegan Rob’s Kombuchabar – Dark Cacao. It’s made with puffed quinoa, almonds, cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, coconut flake and, of course, Kombucha. It was ok, not a lot of flavors, a bit of sweetness, a lot of seeds and some bitterness from the cacao nibs.

Harney & Sons Organic Bangkok green tea. A nice tea sample.

Savory Wild Portabella Jerky. I didn’t know what to expect when I first saw this bag. In my mind, mushrooms are too soft to be turned into jerky.

The texture is quite chewy, and it really tastes like mushroom and balsamic. It’s quite tasty, but you need to like mushrooms (I do!)

Pasta Chips Mediterranean Sea Salt. More of a cracker than chips, these reminded me of pita chips. They are light but this flavor was pretty bland. Not bad, just not a lot of flavors.

Crrrunch Bites! Sea Salt Almonds. Each almond has a nice crunchy salty outer layer. The almonds are slightly softer because of that, but they are nice and tasty.

Apple Harvest Crunch Dried Fruit. I love dried fruits, especially when the only ingredient is the fruit itself! It’s crunchy, flavorful, but there’s not enough in the bag!

Pop Zero Cinnamon toast Popcorn. Each popcorn was nicely coated with cinnamon, without the powdered feel that you usually get.

We also received a coupon for a free point of Nada Moo Coconut Milk Frozen Desserts!

I really enjoy my Vegan Cuts Snack Box as it introduces me to a lot of new to me delicious snack. I loved the variety that we got this month with a nice balance between sweet and savory, and the different type of textures! I’m so happy that we received a full-size box of the delicious Classic Creme cookies, and the portabella jerky was a nice surprise.

Have you tried Vegan Cuts Snack Box? Let me know what you thought of the box!

Visit Vegan Cuts Snack Box to subscribe or find out more!


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