Stitch Fix Men September 2018 Review

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Stitch Fix Men is a personal styling service customized to your fit, lifestyle & spending preferences. Just like Stitch Fix for women, your stylist will send you 5 pieces based on your profile for you to try on at home. You only keep what you love, and you never have to set foot in a mall! There are no coupons for Stitch Fix, but if you love everything in your fix, you save 25% when you keep the whole fix (read below for details)!

Your clothes come neatly bundled with a return envelope and styling guide.

Here’s how Stitch Fix Men works: First, you fill out your style profile. This includes style, budget, and what you’re looking for – you can get as detailed as you want with the notes to your stylist. Your stylist is very responsive to your requests and will work hard to find pieces that fit your declared style, so the more info you provide, the better your selections will be. After trying them on and deciding what to keep, you return the pieces you don’t want in the prepaid mailer (free shipping!). Your stylist takes note of what you kept (and why) and what you didn’t, along with any additional feedback you provide, so your clothes selections become better “tailored” to you over time.

Every Stitch Fix box includes styling cards showing a couple looks for each item in the Fix. There’s usually a dressed up (right) and more casual (left) version for each piece of clothing. The cards are not currently accessible in your Stitch Fix profile, but you can request a PDF via email.

If you keep everything you get a 25% discount. This is why it is so important to be detailed and accurate in your profile, as it increases the chances that your stylist will run the table and score your great clothes and a discount (without having to keep anything you don’t really want). You will check-out and get charged through your Stitch Fix Men account. You’ll be charged a $20 styling fee and shipped five items to try on at home. If you keep anything your styling fee will be applied to your order, but if you don’t, you will pay the $20 fee. As you can see on the invoice, we joined the optional Style Pass program, so we paid a single, annual styling fee (with unlimited Fixes) instead of $20 per Fix.

I like that they just stack the clothes neatly and don’t make me tear through multiple plastic bags.

Everything in my fix for September 2018. Tonally, we are definitely turning the corner toward Fall.

34 Heritage Courage Straight Fit Pant ($148) This pair of pants speaks volumes in terms of comfort and style. It’s perfect for a casual look and can be paired with a t-shirt or a button down.

It has a button and zipper closure with a classic jeans style pocket layout.

The pants have a bit of a hybrid quality to them, exhibiting qualities of both jeans and khakis. The fabric and color are similar to classic dress pant, but with a slightly more rugged feel. The styling, however, is all jeans.

01Algo Patrick Stripe Performance Hoodie ($55) This violet hoodie has thin stripes which are not too noticeable when you look at it from afar. It has long sleeves and kangaroo pockets too.

The pockets are easy to access on the sides. The material is thin enough that the top avoids having a pouched look in front.

The hoodie has an elastic cord and toggle closure.

Red Jacket National Park Longsleeve Graphic Tee ($44) It’s a long sleeve graphic tee in bluish gray. It’s simple but comfortable, and I can even pair it with my Heritage pants too.

The print has a weathered look on it, adding to the overall charm of the tee.

A Frame Euclid Washed Shirt ($48) Featuring long sleeves and a plaid pattern, this buttoned top is ideal whether for casual or semi-formal occasions. The buttons are in the same color as the shirt and have a discreet look.

The collar looks crisp and buttonless. The sleeves are pleated into the cuff.

Bixby Nomad Puente One Pocket Twill Shirt ($48) I got another long sleeve shirt from this month’s box, so it is definitely Fall. This one features a tartan pattern. Its buttons are in gray to match the rest of the design. They lined the pocket fabric up perfectly, so it is barely visible, too.

The twill shirt is comfortable, and the sleeves have a pleat.

This month’s fix has given me five clothing items that I can mix and match depending on my mood. I can tell that Fall is upon us, because both the palette and length of the articles has shifted from the Summer selections. This collection is a bit more sombre, and even the tee shirt is long sleeve! These are great choices, since the weather is going to turn soon.

What do you think of Stitch Fix Men?

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