Simply Earth August 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupons!

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Simply Earth makes it easy to get started using essential oils to green your routine! I am kind of new to the world of essential oils but I like that you can use them for so many different things like beauty products and cleaning items. But getting started can be an expensive investment and I wasn’t really sure what to use or how to use it. Thankfully Simply Earth has me covered. Here’s what you can expect:

Every month, we’ll send 4 full size 100% pure essential oils + 1 -2 extra + bottles to make 5-6 recipes. So you’ll have everything you need. Each month is a new theme. Plus, you’ll get more ideas and recipes on how to use the oils inside your box outside of the recipes included.

They also donate 13% of all profits to help end human trafficking.


  • Get a FREE surprise essential oil with your box! Use coupon code SIMPLYFREE.
  • Get $20 off future purchases signing up to a monthly subscription plan. Use coupon code HELLO.

I received some pre-printed stickers to place on my new products after I make them.

This is my second box from Simply Earth. The first box came with a Big Bonus Box that had items like coconut oil and containers to use with future boxes. This box was the monthly “recipe box” with four oils and recipes to put them to use.

On the back of the recipe cards, I found all kinds of useful information. 13% of Simply Earth’s profits will be donated each month and for August they are giving to Children of the Night. Simply Earth is also opening a brick-and-mortar store in Wisconsin.

There was info on the referral program…

…and a sneak peek of next month’s box.

I found info on the oils sent this month.

And learned about Himalayan salt.

There were 6 recipes included in the box. The cards had an asterisk next to the items you may need to find in your kitchen or get from the store, the rest of the items should come from this shipment or from the Big Bonus Box.

Simply Earth Himalayan Pink Salt is to be used in several of the recipes.

A Votive Candle also goes with yet another of the recipes.

Fennel Essential Oil ($9.99), Ho Wood Essential Oil ($9.99), Orange Essential Oil ($6.99), and Frankincense Essential Oil ($19.99) were the oils included in this month’s shipment. You can learn all about them by clicking on their names and reading more at the Simply Earth website. They even list additional recipes using each oil!

The label tells you what is in the bottle, where it is from, what it smells like, and plant parts used.

Time to prepare some of the recipes! I chose the ones that I felt were suitable for me right now. The very first thing I did after getting the oils was to drop some in my diffuser, so I followed the recipe shown on one of the cards. Then I gathered supplies, including some items that I received in my Big Bonus Box a few months ago. The only two items I didn’t make were the bath soak and facial scrub.

Here is the candle with its bed of scented salt. As the candle warms it helps gently diffuse the essential oils into the air.

Here is the Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub.

There were stickers on the sheet for each recipe. This is actually extremely helpful. I’ve made items from other subscription boxes before but then had no way of identifying what I had made. The bottle kind of looks the same so this is was perfect.

Here is the Fine Lines Roll On. The most difficult task was simply pressing hard enough on the roller ball to get it to stay in the bottle. I had to use a kitchen towel and then pressed really hard and ta-da!

Simply Earth is simply amazing, I love the whole package! The presentation is clean and simple, the oils are fresh and high-quality, the recipes are helpful and varied, and the stickers are very useful. I have tons of leftover oils to use on future projects or to diffuse.

Are you new to essential oils, or a seasoned pro? What do you think of this month’s box? Let me know in the comments!

Visit Simply Earth to subscribe or find out more!


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