September 2018 Bespoke Post Box Review & Coupon – TAPROOM

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Bespoke Post is a men’s lifestyle subscription box offering sophisticated accessories, gear, and curated interest kits, although nearly all of their offerings are unisex and would be equally appropriate for any woman with a rugged and adventurous side.

The monthly, limited-edition boxes are built around a central, unique theme, and there are usually two or three new boxes to choose from every month. You can also skip the month if you’re not interested in any of the available boxes.

Everything was packed carefully and arrived in good condition.

Each box includes a card that announces the theme. This box is called TAPROOM.

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The back of the intro card has a brief description of everything in the box, explaining why each item is such an awesome choice for this curation. Most boxes have a small selection of items — usually one main item and some accessories. This box was very focused, containing only specially-designed glassware.

Everything inside my box!

Here’s the black box containing the elegant pieces for the TAPROOM theme.

It’s sturdy and reusable.

Inside the box are four compartments. As you can see, each compartment is uniquely shaped to accommodate the different shaped glasses, and the box can be used to house the glassware safely between uses. Each glass arrived bagged in a plastic dust jacket.

There’s an information card inside the box so you will know the intended use of each piece of glassware. From the card itself, these glasses look stunning! Each is manufactured with a cone-shaped indent in the bottom. This adds a nice visual element, but it also is practical — the cone helps direct the landing when pouring your beer, so you get a good sized head without too much foam.

At the back of the card is a brief description of the designer of this collection as well as the idea behind each of the glasses. I like the way the designer thought of the shapes and cut of the glass, picking each to accentuate the best qualities of the style beer for which it was intended.

Here’s our line up of glasses when they are unwrapped!

Monti-Taste Set ($100)  You can already tell that they are not your ordinary drinking glass, given their various shapes and sizes. All four glasses have a conical inverted base. According to Sempli, it helps bring the effervescence of the brew to the surface. You can see this particularly well in the pilsner glass (tallest vessel, above) — bubbles are drawn from the beer all over the surface of the cone, much in the way the tiny imperfections on the interior of a Champagne flute function in making the beverage sparkle.

Sempli Monti-Pint Glass.  The bottom of this pint glass is a bit wider than its opening. This adds extra stability and helps to channel the nose and hold the head longer. As the name implies, it can comfortably hold a full pint of beer, along with a tall head. The reverse taper of the vessel seems to concentrate the head, molding it into a dense platform — in the above photo, you can see that it was almost egg-white dense, supporting a blob of foam well above the rim of the glass.

Sempli Monti-Pils Glass. The Monti-Pils glass is tall and slender. It can contain up to 12 oz of beverage. It’s slender silhouette is intended to extend the effervescence of Pilsners.

Sempli Monti-IPA Glass. Designed for IPA style beers, this unique angular glass helps aerate ales to release the fragrance of the hops. It has a 12 oz capacity.

Sempli Monti-Birra Glass. The Monti-Birra glass looks pretty much the same as the Monti-Pint glass, but it can only accommodate up to 12 oz of beverage. It is the original birra, and it is perfect for most bottles or cans. .

For comparison, on the left is the Monti-Birra glass and on the right is the Monti-Pint. The design of the glasses sure churns up a frothy head!

These were very nice glasses to drink out of. They are fairly thin and very light, so they are comfortable to wield. Even the 12 oz glasses have enough room for a good sized head, and they really churn it up! It was a bit like pouring a nitrogen driven draught — though there wasn’t the characteristic cascading of the foamy head, I did have to let each pot sit a moment half way through, lest I overflow my glass. The head lingered for a long time, demonstrating the longevity afforded by the tapered shape. I will have to experiment by drinking different styles of beer out of the various glasses to see if the design elements noticeably affect the taste of the beer, but I can confirm that they produced a very presentable glass of beer, and the beer tasted very delicious!

Bespoke Post has always offered sophisticated items, but I really like the focused nature of this curation. Instead of offering a big item and some relatively well-paired accompaniments, they gave us a set of beer glasses with fine aesthetics and science behind them. The glasses enhance the flavor and effervescence of craft beer — they have a single purpose, and they perform it well. Now I have the perfect glass, no matter what beer I’m pouring!

What did you think of the Bespoke Post TAPROOM box?

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