Mine Chest August 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Mine Chest is the one and only official subscription box for Minecraft fans! It is licensed by Mojang. This box is a $23 bimonthly box + $7 US shipping. Every chest is filled with exclusive Minecraft goodies, including a full-color T-shirt, collectibles, toys, and more. The box is always reversible to a block, too!

It’s their first box after a long hiatus! Read more about the subscription update here.

You’ll get a box full of Minecraft inspired goodies and official merchandise. Boxes come with a t-shirt (with a full range of youth and adult sizes available) and are packed in a collectible and reusable box. The exterior of the box usually looks like a Minecraft chest, while the inside looks like a block relating to the current month’s theme.

When inverted, the box transforms into a wooden plank block! Every month has a different block pattern that fits the theme of the box. We like the look of the boxes so much that we can’t stand to part with them, so we have a two block wide tower of them up to the ceiling in the kids’ room! This one is a lot smaller than the previous ones.

Poster. This month includes an exclusive poster from Minecraft: The Journey Continues! The posters are designed to match up, so you have to save them all.

The front of the poster features an action-packed scenery from Minecraft world.

The upper part of the poster shows a man hooked on a huge bird…

…while on the lower part reveals an underwater tunnel with a number of bombs hidden at the bottom of the sea.

Written at the back of the poster is a description about Alex’s adventures on his journey underwater.

The Journey Continues! is the ninth episode of the third mission from Minecraft Destination.

The message on the poster is long but quite informative.

Everything in the August box!

Stickers. The sticker sheet included in this month’s box highlights some sea creatures like puffer fish, turtles, and other colorful small fishes. We also got three stickers of fishman and two tridents that you can add to the poster.

Pin. This month’s Minecraft exclusive pin is a puffer fish!

One of the characters you will encounter in getting the mine chest on this mission is a huge and angry puffer fish, but don’t worry its spikes are already corked and is no longer harmful in completing the mission.

Lenticular Animation. Here’s what Alex saw at the bottom of the sea, a fishman!

This lenticular cube changes its color and scenery depending on the angle where you look at. The first image was a sitting fishman cooking a fish, then the other one is a standing fishman with 3 fishes.

T-Shirt. It’s an exclusive Minecraft shirt made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

The shirt features a cute design of The Journey Continues! scenery underwater. It includes a number of fishes, turtles, a fishman with a trident, and a sunken ship. My kids love it!

Plush Hanger. This exclusive plush from Minecraft Destination features a drowned head with green hair and embroidered rectangular shaped eyes, nose, and lips.

The plush toy is so detailed, it even shows some scar-like pixelation at the back, top, and side part of the head.

It’s been a while since we received our last Mine Chest box and my kids were all so excited to explore everything inside! The picture in the poster is action-packed and the kids had fun adding details to it by putting fishes from the sticker sheet. There is so much to do and explore in Minecraft (and it is constantly expanding), so I’m sure there is always something new to see in each box. It’s really a great fan subscription box and my kids are all over Minecraft all over again with the Update Aquatic, so it was well timed.

What do you think of this month’s Mine Chest?


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  • Misti

    I couldn’t get the link from this site to work I did order but couldn’t through Hello Sub. Just to let you know,

  • Frieda F.

    This box looks amazing!
    Unfortunately ever since they came back from hiatus, Canadian shipping is on hold. Hopefully they’ll update that soon since this month’s minechest looks incredible!