Mermaid Box August 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Mermaid Box is a quarterly subscription box that brings new mermaid goodies every quarter. For only $39.00 per box, you’ll get a variety of mermaid items “swimming” right to your door.

The items are wrapped in a beautiful underwater-themed tissue paper.

There’s a short personalized note with a mermaid drawing on it.

This wrapping paper is cute and colorful!

All the items are packed nicely inside the box.

Everything in my box!

Flying Tiger Mulepose Tote Bag. The tote bag features a merman and a mermaid, and they look very much in love!

I love tote bags because they are handy to carry and can be folded and stored in your bag too if you are looking for extra storage when you’re out shopping or hitting the library. This one is spacious and the artwork is just great!

Flying Tiger Krammeven Soft Toy. It’s an adorable mermaid soft toy! All the details are present, and I love that her hair looks like she is underwater too.

Even when you turn the doll around, you’ll see that everything is done seamlessly. She looks beautiful and cuddly too!

Pusheen Keychain Plush. Pusheen transformed into a mermaid riding a seahorse? Have you ever seen anything so adorable? This squishy is too cute for my life!

Pusheen seems like she is into being a mermaid and she definitely looks the part too. The seahorse is in pink and it suits Pusheen well. Aren’t they cute?

It comes with a chain and a hook so you can easily attach it to your bag or anywhere else you want it to be seen.

Suzy Toronto Always Color Outside The Lines Journal ($10.88) It’s a fancy and colorful journal that encourages us to have fun and “always color outside the lines.”

What I love about this journal is that there are no rules when it comes to breathing life to the pages of this book. It has a hundred pages waiting to be fulfilled by your creativity. This is going to take a while but it will surely be fun!

The first page is for personalizing this journal.

Each page is lined and comes with a fun and motivational phrase. This is the only thing that doesn’t make sense to me. I wish the pages were blank! But still, it’s cute and encourages you to just do your own thing.

Pusheen Mug. We got another Mermaid Pusheen item, and this time it’s a mug!

It’s probably one of the cutest mugs I’ve had. It follows the shape of Pusheen’s head.

If you turn the mug around, you’ll also see different sea creatures painted on it so Pusheen the mermaid will feel right at home.

The World Of Miss Mindy Cotton Candy Mermaid Stone Hanging Ornament ($13.04) There’s also an item from The World of Miss Mindy, which is known for combining mythical creatures with their own unique design.

At the back of the package is a little bit of information on who Miss Mindy is and what she does.

This cotton candy mermaid is a stunner! I love the cartoon approach to this mermaid’s face and her hair is cotton candy dipped in more candies!

It’s amazing how this ornament was made to show off the mermaid tail, hair, and body. The finer details make this one truly unique. I am impressed!

It doesn’t matter what angle you look at it, you will see that nothing has escaped the artist’s eyes. This sculpture is a work of art and should be placed somewhere that everyone can enjoy.

Her face reminds me somewhat of Betty Boop but this little mermaid is more adorable, with her saucy wink, and hearts on her cheeks, this is one mermaid that will command attention in any room. I love it!

We placed her on our hanger and now she’s ready for display!

Everything about this beautifully crafted cotton candy mermaid speaks volumes on the craftsmanship of the artist. It’s mythical with a unique twist to it!

Tarte Mermaid Jewels ($7) If you are feeling like a mermaid and want to dazzle others with your under-the-sea look, these mermaid jewels are definitely useful.

You will find details on how to use these jewels at the back of the pouch. I can’t wait to try them on!

The combination of pearls, gems, and crystals create a surprising masterpiece that will not need any strings or ribbons for you to wear them. They stick to the skin effortlessly. Instant Halloween costume!

Opening this quarter’s Mermaid Box certainly felt magical. From the dolls to the jewelry, I just loved everything in this box. It’s great that they put together a selection of items that lean toward these underwater goddesses and that they added their fun twist to it such as the appearance of Pusheen as a mermaid. Aside from the Pusheen items, I also loved the cotton candy mermaid hanging ornament! If you love mermaids too and you’d want to collect anything and everything related to them, this subscription is for you!

What do you think of the August Mermaid Box? 

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