M is For Monster Seasonal Halloween Themed Education Box Available For Pre-Order Now + Full Spoilers + Coupon!

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M is For Monster has ended their monthly subscription and launched the new Seasonal Box!

Beginning in October, M is for Monster will no longer be a physical monthly subscription with 16 activities and 4 themes. Instead, we will offer a monthly themed box with 6 activities. In addition to the monthly physical box, an amazing selection of printables will be offered. If you need more activities outside of the box, you can print off fresh ideas right from your computer at home.

So to recap, there will be two options. A themed monthly box or a digital subscription that includes printables.

The theme this season is Halloween! This seasonal box is for $24.95 + shipping, and will ship starting 10/1.

DEAL: Save 20%! Use coupon code HELLOSUB.

Starting in August, my little ones start planning their Halloween costumes. This year, I’ll have one wolf princess (basically a dress with a wolf face on it and a feather headpiece) one grim reaper and one Santa Claus (although I have a feeling that one may change).

To say that we are excited about Halloween around here might be an understatement. If you’re kids are wild about Halloween as mine are, then you’ll want to grab one of these Holiday Special boxes!

With our new options of the Monster box experience, you add on the letters or numbers your child needs to work on to make it customizable for your child. Need to work on certain uppercase letters? Now you can do that! Already know the numbers 1-6 but still need to work on 7-11? Now you can do that! Tailor the box to fit your child’s educational goals so they are never bored.

Each box includes:

  • 3 mini Jack o’ lantern pails
  • Large bag of Halloween colored pony beads
  • Pack of black feathers
  • Halloween Stickers
  • and much more!

Optional Book: And Then Comes Halloween By TOM BRENNER

Visit M is For Monster  to find out more.


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