Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly July 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly is a fandom inspired box that sends 4-7 pieces of hand-selected jewelry and collectibles each month. Kal-Elle announces the theme each month ahead of time so you can go in and skip if it is a fandom you just aren’t into.

The theme for July is Once Upon a Time! This is a show that I was obsessed with from the get-go. I watched every season and even the reboot for that last season. So you know I was excited about this theme.

The boxes include a postcard with the information listed on one side.

All of the items in my July Kal-Elle box!

My Kal-Elle boxes always come with the best necklaces. They are perfect for the theme but not way over the top that I don’t want to wear them. This month we got a Swan & Hook Necklace. There are so many couples on the show but the one to look up to is Swan and Hook. They go through so many things to finally get their happily ever after.

Once upon a time, I would wouldn’t wear many rings but this Once Upon a Time ring has me changing my tune. I’m marveling in its simplicity and how it can go for so many things.

Each month we get a magnet with the theme represented and this month’s is designed like a book. I have a collection of them all on my fridge and I love how they look. To go along with the book theme of Once Upon a Time Kal-Elle also sent a hook and swan bookmark. The fun take on the hook has me smiling. Although I did think a bit of Maui’s hook from Moana which makes me happy.

Oh Rumple while he is not the main guy for the series he is the bad guy with the heart of gold. His transition between truly Rumpelstiltskin and our dear Rumple is great. The closing with him losing his Belle is heartbreaking and their story is one I could watch over and over. Since we are in the wait for a hurricane mode right now, I’ll be using my drink sleeve shortly. My kids are already saying they are bored and this is just our first day home.

You can call me a bag lady. There is no reason to ever say you have too many bags. This Once Upon a Time handbag is really cute and a nice heavy canvas with a wrist strap. I’m adding it to my stash of on the go bags.

Each month we get a 4″ x 6″ print and they are so above fantastic. This one is in my favorite purple color and is a dripping melting poisonous apple. Add in the touch of flame and I’m sold.

Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly sent the fairytale of a box for me this month. I’m a huge fan of the show in all it’s incarnations and then with the Disney tie-in you know I was jumping at the bit to get this one.  There is a heavy Swan and Hook theme running through the designs and with them being the happy ever after for the story it totally works.  They are the true Once Upon a Time for every fairytale.

The next two boxes are going to be The Incredibles and Villains! All great themes and I can’t wait to see what Kal-Elle comes up with.

What’s your favorite item this month? Did you watch Once Upon a Time?

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