Geek Gear Box August 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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GeekGear is a UK subscription box for geeks and gamers. You’ll receive one box a month filled with gear according to the monthly theme. Items include licensed and exclusive merchandise, plus other surprises. The current price of this subscription is £19.99 plus £5.99 shipping to the US – about $37 shipped.

Everything is wrapped in a black tissue paper with the Geek Gear logo.

DEAL: Save 10% on your first month! Use coupon code NEWSUB10 but first try SPECIAL15

A tri-fold pamphlet is included, which gives more information about this month’s box contents.

It gives you a full list of all the items in your box.

Everything in my box!

Space Bravery Medal (£9.99) Took us all a minute to figure out what this one was – there’s not any huge clues on the info card!

The medal was given to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo by Leia Organa. And canon says also to Chewie but some droids may have fumbled the medal granting.

It’s a big but light medal with brown ribbon.

This is fun for cosplay, we’ll have to drag it out for Star Wars day celebrations for sure, but I suspect my kids will take off with it before that!

Marvel Ant-Man And The Wasp Print (£4.99) This design and print is an exclusive product of Geek Gear. They have two versions and we got the one that shows the teamwork between Ant-man and The Wasp.

The design features the variations of sizes they can transform into. It’s a high-quality print collectible and good to hang on your wall if you are a Marvel Universe fan.

Travel Mug (£9.99) I love this officially licensed Marvel travel mug because it is made of ceramic and can retain the warm temperature of drinks.

It is very handy and features the old school comic style.

It has a removable rubber lid and can hold up to 12 oz or 375ml of liquid.

Space Banner (£9.99) It’s 1.5m of Star Wars gloriousness. They sent two designs, The Empire banner and the one we got which is the Rebels banner.

It’s a big banner you can hang in your room, outside your house during Halloween or if we have a Star Wars themed party. It will be very cool indeed!

Mutants T-Shirt (£9.99) My mutant heart is activated with this amazing t-shirt. I like the color, the shirt is comfortable and it fits well.

I think the design is created using the X-men characters’ silhouette around the logo. Is it my imagination or Deadpool is one of them? It’s pretty cool they included him even though he’s an X-men member on probation. (Or maybe they included him for the purpose of having a good silhouette.)

Shrinking Heroes T-Shirt (£9.99) Same as the other shirt in this box, it’s comfortable and fits perfectly.

Don’t you love our shrinking heroic partners? They are inseparable and I can’t even see Ant-Man without the wasp anymore. The print is vibrant that it appealingly contrasts on the black shirt. I think this is the best Ant-Man shirt I’ve seen yet!

There’s a spoiler in the box right here! And the next box’s hint is “Doctor Who.” It looks like we are going to be up for time traveling next month! I’m excited!

I like that they gave us 2 shirts with cool designs! My favorite out of the bunch will be the travel mug. I can take it with me anywhere and it keeps the beverage’s temperature. It also features the Marvel heroes on the design. The banner and prints are amazing collectibles. I hope they can come up with more exciting products and themes as they always do. We always dig this box and there’s something for everyone in it!

What do you think of this month’s Geek Gear box?

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