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BoxyLuxe by BOXYCHARM Upgrades Available Now!

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BOXYCHARM has announced that the BoxyLuxe upgrade process is open! Log in to Boxycharm, visit YOUR ACCOUNT PREFERENCES, and hit the UPGRADE button.

Unfortunately the site is overwhelmed with traffic and it doesn’t appear that anyone can upgrade yet.

BoxyLuxe is a new subscription box coming Fall 2018! This box will only be available for current BOXYCHARM subscribers and an upcharge of $28.99 on your existing box.

First and foremost – BoxyLuxe will ONLY be available to current subscribers

Other details:

  • On September 1st at 9:00am (EST) BoxyLuxe will be released, with limited quantities.
  • Quantities are fairly limited for September’s box
  • Upgrade emails will be sent all at once, not in batches
  • They’ve been working to make sure the site stays up
  • Canadians pay $8 surcharge for Luxe for shipping

See BoxyLuxe spoilers here and BOXYCHARM spoilers here for September!

This is how the upgrade costs will work:

Since BoxyLuxe is an upgrade to your original subscription, you will be paying your normal subscription amount, $21/month if you have the monthly subscription, plus you will pay for the upgrade, which is $28.99 every March, June, September, and December.

The quarterly subscription features:
  • Luxury Brands Products ranging from lifestyle to skincare and, of course, beauty.
  • Hand curated, full size, luxury brands directly to you every three months. Each box is valued at over $300, pay just $28.99 in addition to your existing subscription.


If you upgrade your subscription to BoxyLuxe, you’ll ONLY receive BoxyLuxe for the month of feature. If you don’t upgrade, you’ll still receive the normal box. BoxyLuxe customers get the upgraded box every March, June, September, and December. For those month’s, they will get the upgraded subscription, replacing their regular box.

What do you think of the new BoxyLuxe subscription?


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  • Misti

    +BoxyLuxe is $49.99

    • Hello Subscription

      This one is a little difficult to put into our system because it’s an upgrade over another subscription!