Bombay & Cedar September 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bombay & Cedar is a monthly luxury aromatherapy, beauty, wellness and lifestyle subscription box featuring vegan and cruelty-free full and deluxe size products. Items range from essential oils, diffusers, skincare, books, activities, healthy snacks and other surprises for the discerning woman who values her health, wellness & living a life inspired.

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There’s an information card that lists the contents of this month’s box, with a short description and retail price. The theme is BALANCE.

Bombay & Cedar updated and simplified the information card & booklet into one smaller booklet. Love this fresh look!

This page lists all the contents for this month’s box.

This month’s featured brand is Mr. B’s Necessities.

I learned a lot just by going through this magazine.

There’s an article that shares ways on how to find a happy balance.

The box itself looks fairly simple but the contents are everything.

The box is full of goodies!

Also, if you share a photo of your box on Instagram, you’ll get a free gift in your next box.

We got a bonus for sharing our previous box on social media, and a thank you note too!

Feel Harmony Rose Petal Face Mask ($19.99) This face mask contains rose petals, rose essential oils, and rose flower extracts that infuses the skin with deep hydration.

The mask also comes with a resealable cap and is fortified with vitamins C and E.

Everything in my box!

We started off with the staple items in this box, the essential oils!

Bombay & Cedar Grounded Balance Essential Oil ($19) This is a mixture of silver fir needle, ylang ylang oil, norway spruce oil, juniper needle, and cedarwood himalayan essential oils. It helps fight fatigue, and also invigorates and stimulates the mind and body.

Bombay & Cedar Balancing Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil ($14) Pink Grapefruit is citrusy so using this helps in many ways, like boosting the immune system, prevents infections, fights depression, even helps with the appetite! Also, it increases urination and helps the body get rid of toxins, and relaxes muscle stiffness. It can also be blended with the following: Bergamot, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, and Palmarosa.

Scented By Nature Mr. B’s Luminaries Sox Wax Candle ($16.95) I love how they presented this soy wax candle, it’s even topped with a cork stopper.

When you take off the cork, there’s the hint of the fragrant smell of eucalyptus coupled with cedar and fir.

It’s made with 100% biodegradable soy wax with essential oils. It also has a hemp wick. The candle lasts long when used and the room smelled terrific from the moment I lit it up. It’s the perfect fall candle!!

Made Simple Tooth & Gum Tonic Spearmint Clove ($10) Taking care of your teeth, breath, and even your throat is a lot easier with the help of this tooth and gum tonic made with sesame and antibacterial essential oils.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice to clean and detoxify the mouth. Just spray 6-8 pumps of this product and add a sip of water, then swish for 1 minute. It also heals and rebalances your gum’s microflora. I love the feeling of having fresh breath and a clean mouth!

BKind Hand Balm – SIMILAR ($15.95) No more dry skin areas with the aid of this hand balm. It’s made with shea butter that moisturizes, soothes, and promotes tissue healing.

I often complain about my dry and flaky hands especially during the colder weather, so it’s a perfect, purse-sized container of a miracle for them! I also love the citrusy smell of the balm, it has notes of pineapple, tangerine, and grapefruit!

T-Spheres Aromatherapy Massage Ball Set ($35) The set is contained in an adorable jute drawstring pouch.

It contains two 45mm massage balls and a small Refresher Spray which consists of peppermint and pink grapefruit in an organic jojoba base. Aromatherapy really helps a lot to keep me relaxed and this is a great self-massage tool.

Also, the tag attached to the pouch has instructions on how you can easily use the set and benefit from it.

Compendium Happy Thoughts ($9.95) Lift your mood, or others, by having this Compendium Happy Thoughts read!

A little buoyancy. A better day. A brighter outlook. What does it take? Just a few happy thoughts. This bright, contemporary gift book is the perfect mood lifter for just about anyone, from teenagers to retirees. Remind someone that the world is full of good things (like weekends), the bright side is on their side, and anything is possible… Sunshine, productivity, cake.

There’s a cute note at the back that says:

Just a little sunshine sandwich.

(For you.)

The book has a chipboard cover, and has 64 pages.

Each page gives a little bit of motivation or things you can be happy about.

It’s so simple, but packed with lots of positivity! You can even use this book for journaling positive thoughts too!

Sticky Be Half Toe Grip Socks ($15) There are three variations for these socks, and we got “Be Happy”!

The socks are made of 80% cotton and 20% spandex/elastane.

The non-slip grip pair hugs your feet warmly and comfortably! I love the feel of them on my feet after a tiring day, I immediately slip my feet on them after I took off my shoes!

Partake Foods Mini Cookies ($15.99) Nothing can get better with a vegan, allergen- and gluten-free sprouted grain choco chip cookies during snack time!

This is quite a generous pack as it contains 15 pieces of the delicious treat!

Aside from the choco chips variant, they also offer carrot oak and sweet potato millet. I’m satisfied with the choco chips but I am also willing to try the other variants. The cookies have a good crunch with the middle kind of chewy, which I can say is the perfect choco chip cookies for me! The choc chips are so yummy too as they added the right amount of sweetness and richness to the cookies!

I already have a bunch of essential oils from this box, and I’m willing to get more! I love how each and every bottle can attend to specific concerns. For this box, between the two, I definitely love the Pink Grapefruit as it has a whole lot of uses and it’s one of my very favorite scents! Also, every item in this box definitely shows balance… From use, flavor, and even smell! I am always looking forward to my me-time using the contents of this box, and every month, I get to do different activities for it, like this one where I can indulge myself first in good aromatherapy massage (with the use of the massage ball kit), relaxing with my fresh pair of socks and my candle, and then treating myself to delicious chocolate chip cookies after!

What was your favorite in this month’s Bombay & Cedar box?

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