Blue Bottle Coffee Review + Free Trial Offer – September 2018

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Blue Bottle Coffee is a whole-bean coffee subscription with multiple options to suit your coffee needs. Generally, you’ll get 12 oz of beans every other week for $17, or double your bag for an extra $11. They also offer half bag and triple bag subscriptions. The prices vary by a dollar or so depending on your coffee selections.

Subscribers can choose from among Origins, Blend, Espresso, or one of the 8 specialty subscriptions available, as well as change the frequency and amount of coffee to be received in each shipment. Each is produced from high-quality beans – it’s just a matter of what your taste preference is.

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Blue Bottle Coffee‘s notes do a great job of laying out the growing conditions and peculiarities of each coffee. They even go so far as to note which preparation methods and manner of serving does the most justice to the beans. More than any other coffee subscription, Blue Bottle tries to capture the feel and essence of its coffees rather than declaring flavor notes with absolute authority, but they do give you a good place to start.

Everything in the box!

This month, I received Bella Donovan, a blend of coffee beans from Ethiopia and Sumatra. Every bag includes the date on which it was roasted – this one was prepared on September 17, 2018. 

I like that the pouch is resealable, it ensures the freshness of beans.

These are perfectly roasted!

According to Blue Bottle, this is best prepared as a pour over, French press, or in a machine.

I prepare mine with an Aeropress. This blend is a bit citrusy, with a hint of red berries. It also has notes of milk caramel and chocolate. It’s a pleasant and approachable blend of the tart and bright notes of an Ethiopian bean and an earthy Sumatran.

Sweet and fruity at the same time, this is definitely a great cup to jumpstart my day. In case you prefer your coffee with creamer, this one goes well with it too.

Blue Bottle makes it easy for coffee lovers like me to get fresh coffee beans monthly. I love that they always put the roast date on the bags, and I also appreciate that the packaging is resealable. It’s a no-nonsense subscription, really. You can even get a half bag or a triple bag subscription, depending on your coffee needs at home or at your office!

Are you getting Blue Bottle Coffee?

Visit Blue Bottle Coffee to find out more or to subscribe.


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