Stitch Fix Kids Review – Little Boys August 2018

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Stitch Fix Kids is a personal styling service for kids clothing ranging from sizes 2T to 14. At $20 styling fee for each box, you’ll get 8 to 12 items with retail price ranging from $10 to $35 when it is shipped to you. You will be asked to share some styling preferences first when you sign up for this box so that the items included will be curated accordingly. If there are clothes that don’t fit your kid, you can always return them by the return envelope included in the box. If you do decide to keep all of the items, you will get 25% off on the whole box.

The insides of the box come with cute designs that offer suggestions on what you can do to the contents of this month’s crate.

There is a yellow envelope on top with all the goodies hidden underneath.

I can’t wait to see what we got for this month’s collection!

Inside the envelope is a personal message from the stylist, a cute information card, and a mini mag.

At the back of the welcome card are the steps on how Stitch Fix Kids work. It indicates that you can return any clothing or accessories that you don’t like and pay only for what you’re keeping.

Also included is a summer themed sticker sheet for your little one to play with.

Someone did enjoy using the stickers and even added their own design as well!

Here’s a list of all the items included in this month’s Stitch Fix along with their size, color, and price.

The mini mag features a maze for the kids!

I love that they included a list of outfits in this month’s box. All that is left to do is to have my little one try them out for size.

All the items are wrapped in a yellow paper.

Everything in my box!

Toms Alpargata Slip-On Sneakers ($34) These slip-on sneakers are really comfy. As the name suggests, my little man only needs to slip his feet inside and he can run off to play.

I like that it’s in gray because it’s easy to mix and match with most of my kid’s wardrobe. And because it is a slip-on type of sneakers, he won’t have a hard time removing it whenever he feels like it.

Aside from the soft gray fabric, there is also a brown suede patch at the heels.

Toms signature logo is stamped on the heels of the sneakers.

The strap on top of the shoes can be opened to make it easier for your child to slip his feet in. My older son received this pair too. Matching shoes = so cute!

Flapdoodles Yara Solid Jogger ($20) This black solid jogger pants are perfect for any frolicking and playing around that my son is going to do. It’s going to keep his legs from being scratched and keep him warm even especially when the cool weather picks up. I can already imagine pairing different tops with it.

Warp + Weft Trevor Woven Jogger Pant ($34) We also got a camouflage designed jogger pants in this box and my son just loved the print. The fabric is thick and the design is printed well too. I think these jogger pants are designed to withstand constant movement which is great.

Nike Colt Color Clock Air Zip Hoodie ($48) The green, white, and blue colors certainly create a nice combination. This hoodie jacket is perfect for keeping my little one stay warm… when summer is finally over.

Nike’s signature logo is easily seen on the white patch of color on the chest.

Sovereign Code Jace Crew Tee ($14)  Here’s another top that looks stylish! I love the blue stripes that they have incorporated into this shirt. It’s so casual looking and can be paired with denim, jogger pants, or even shorts.

Sovereign Code Eddie All Over Printed Tank Top ($14) The anchor prints on the tank top and the small breast pocket in gray stands out. This is the perfect top when the weather is a bit hot and humid.

Andy & Evan Jaime Full Zip Hoodie ($16) There’s another zip hoodie in the box and this time it’s striped.

They even added elbow patches in blue with some drawings of waves on them. This certainly breaks up the stripes.

Here’s the little dude modeling the Jaime full zip hoodie with Sovereign Code crew tee. He does love the stripe patterns.

Cali Supply Co. Will Long Sleeve Graphic Tee ($16) The dark blue long-sleeved tee features “DUDE” in huge letters, with the word “awesome” in its middle.

The word “awesome” is in different colors too. It adds a bit more fun to the whole design.

Doesn’t he look great on it? It’s a nice fit for his frame and he looks comfy too.

Hollywood Grant Graphic Tee ($12) The blue graphic tee features an animal that looks like a frilled-necked lizard. It’s definitely interesting for my son!

Hurley Lewis Graphic Tee ($16) In this graphic tee, the call of the ocean is strong with the waves captured inside this circle. It really looks nice in blue-green.

With a little tweak in the colors and printed on an electric blue fabric, the entire look is definitely eye-catching.

This shirt suits summer really well!

Stitch Fix Kids did a good job of sticking to some of my main concerns – which are that this kid has a giant head! I did ask for hoodies, but I also said no white & specifically asked not to receive sports brand items, so the expensive $48 hoodie was a miss. We loved the (always needed!) shoes and the well-priced Sovereign Code tees. The camo pants were too long for my super huge 3 year old – he wears a size 6, but long woven pants aren’t going to do.  The striped hoodie was an instant hit with my kiddo and with me for just $16!!

Ultimately even though we kept only a few items from this box, it’s still a million times better than taking 4 kids to the store to try on clothes! With this guy it’s a struggle to remove him from ice-cream soaked 2 day old shirts so I’m already winning!

Are you getting the Stitch Fix Kids box too?

Visit Stitch Fix Kids to subscribe or find out more!


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