Quirky Crate August 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Quirky Crate is a fun and cute monthly women’s subscription box that delivers at least 5-8 quirky items, including an enamel pin from a featured pin artist, in each box. You can expect eccentric handbags and accessories, cute stationery and stickers, plus fun household items and pretty much anything that can bring a smile to your face!

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The goodies inside the box are wrapped in tissue paper and secured with a cute sticker.

I am seeing lots of cute things!

This month’s featured artist is Elora Nelson!

The info card lists all the items inside the box and their retail price. They simplified the cards this month and dropped down to just one.

Everything in my box!

Pencil Patch ($5) They are always sending patches and everything’s cool and well-made. This month, it’s a pencil-shaped patch!

The embroidery, as usual, is perfect.

Elorasaurus Enamel Pin. We love the pins from Quirky Crate too! This box includes a pizza shaped pin with heart shaped toppings!

This one is so cute and makes me hungry for pizza all of a sudden. Subscribers received one of a variety of pins.

Creative Socks Cotton School Socks ($9) These combed cotton socks are soft and breathable.

They are not so thick but offers enough warmth and perfect for everyday wear.

The design is all around the socks in a back-to-school design with the orange notebook and sharpener.

The color combinations are really cute.

Bentoy Fuzzy Case ($12) It’s a perfect combination of crazy and fuzzy wrapped in plastic.

Quirky in front…

…party at the back! It’s like a pouch of fantasies. The back and the zipper are fluffy and colorful as our personalities.

We are gifted with the cutest lining details ever. It is girly to the core.

Burger Keychain. First, the enamel pizza pin and now this burger keychain. This keychain indulges us in our cravings, it will always remind us of our comfort food. Can I get fries with the burger, please? I appreciate the metal hook clasp but it does have space between so I have to be careful so it won’t fall off.

Rose Cosmetic Mirror ($6) A feminine, trendy pocket mirror but looks cute at the same time.

This is perfect for my makeup kit.

They’re two crystal clear mirrors that will certainly help on touch-ups or on-the-go looks.

Ooly Scented Highlighters ($5) Scented highlighters are awesome. I do know that highlighters have a different distinct smell when opened because of the ink, maybe that’s why they made it scented.

They resemble bamboo sticks that can be attached together to form a long one.

See? It’s a genius idea for a product if you ask me.

It’s sweet-scented indeed!

Note Pals Sticky Tabs ($2) These sticky tabs are so cute it will inspire anyone to write notes.

It can serve multiple purposes like organizing or filling, marking your own calendar, use as a bookmark or help mark your notes.

We have 5 long ones for marking purposes and a pad for longer notes. The design just brightens up everything.

It depends on you if you want to use them sparingly, I don’t want to waste these precious sticky tabs either.

Bling Ring Eraser ($3) The packaging is plastic but still adorable and showcases the bling ring.

I didn’t even think it was an eraser at first. Wear it while you write and you’ll never lose your eraser again.

Girl Gang Backpack ($34) This is evidence of how a bag tie can affect the whole bag’s appearance. It’s like a makeover for a plain ensemble by adding statement accessories.

The bag tie is vibrant and made up of colorful yarns that form tassels and lots of little pom poms.

There’s a huge logo of Girl Gang logo in the middle of the bag. It is an exclusive for Quirky Crate.

I like the color teal because it’s unique and I don’t think we have another bag with the same color. It’s the highlight of the box and I’m happy with it but I wish we got it in pink or purple.

Quirky Crate always puts a smile on my face. They always send eccentric products that truly makes this box different and exciting every time. The quirkiest item for me will be the fuzzy pouch. The most innovative product for me out of the bunch is the scented highlighters that you can stack to resemble a bamboo stick. I also like the small flower pocket mirror. The heart of the box is definitely the bag. I love the tassel bag tie because it made a simple bag unique and noticeable. There are no fillers in this box and I find each of the items useful. Even the little things like the enamel pin, iron patch and keychain are all adorable collectibles!  Just taking a look at insta though, there’s a lot of variation on socks, pins, bags, etc, which I don’t love, because I preferred other variants that I didn’t receive! I dislike it when boxes give me FOMO. Or actually plain MO. Do you feel the same way?

What do you think of this month’s Quirky Crate box?

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  • Dani

    I wasn’t aware this box had so many variations. I got a different color ring eraser (pink), a different pair of socks (with typewriters) and a different pin (pastel ice cream cone). My bag was pink! I love it!