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PetPlate is a dog food subscription box that sends ready-to-eat meals for dogs which are made from USDA meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables. All meals contain the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to have a complete and balanced diet.

Upon sign up, PetPlate asks you to provide some details about your dog so they can customize your PetPlate plan.

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The meals arrive frozen and packed within an insulated box.

There’s dry ice at the bottom of the box, as it keeps the food cold and fresh. the packaging is 100% recyclable!

Everything in my box! This is 2 weeks of meals for one 15 pound miniature schnauzer – the total cost is $29.94 with first box trial pricing, or $1.07 per meal. The price per meal is about $2.14 for my dog after the trial pricing ends.

We got 7 containers of Pet Plate – Harvest Chicken…

…and another 7 containers of Pet Plate – Braised Lamb.

A total of 14 containers of delicious and tasty dog food in one box.

Harvest Chicken – This delicious dog food from Pet Plate is made with chicken, sweet potatoes, chicken liver, broccoli, apples, butternut squash, and other natural, human-grade ingredients!

One side of the container states a feeding guideline for the puppies and adult dogs.

It also has storage instructions on the container to keep the food in the best condition prior to consuming. It’s a good idea to rotate containers out of the freezer and into the fridge the night before you need it, so you always have one thawed and ready to go!

These freshly-cooked meals are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages, including the growth of large-size dogs.

Harvest Chicken recipe is perfect for any type of dogs, even those dogs with sensitive tummies and bulging waistlines.

Some of the ingredients, like the chicken and sweet potatoes, are clearly visible. It looks so juicy and delicious!

Someone is sneaking around while I’m taking photos of this meal, and I know what she wants!

Lindy is so excited, she can’t even take her eyes off it!

Here’s a closer look on Harvest Chicken before it’s gone.

She immediately took over the dish once I left it on the table. Lindy loves it so much she’s got the crazy eyes goin’!

Braised Lamb – Another yummy dish from Pet Plate, Braised Lamb. This dish is primarily made from lamb, sweet potatoes, quinoa, lamb liver, apples, broccoli, and other natural, high-grade ingredients!

The feeding guidelines state that both adults and puppies have the same amount of servings. I think this is because I have a small dog, and I imagine the adult and puppy serving sizes diverge for larger breeds.

The ongoing plan for Lindy ships 21 containers every three weeks, so they definitely get stored in the freezer until a day before serving.

Your dog will surely feel more loved when you serve them delicious tasting and high-quality dog food!

This Braised Lamb dish is a great option for picky dogs, as it has lamb and lamb liver to up the lamby flavor!

This is such a big hit with Dean and Lindy!

I’ve never seen him so attentive!

A final look at this delightful meal before Dean devours it.

wasting no time, Dean immediately dove into the plate. 

It looks like he is looking for more. As much as I want to give you more, I need to follow the feeding guidelines which are a half container at a time!

Dean and Lindy love both Pet Plate flavors included in this month’s box! I love it as well, seeing how much my pups enjoyed them and knowing that what they’re eating is made with safe and healthy ingredients. The quality of the dog food itself is exceptional. The packaging is great, too, as it is super convenient for storing, serving, and recycling. We’re giving PetPlate two paws up!

The trial box comes with two weeks of meals so you can really get a feel of how PetPlate treats your dog – after that boxes come every three weeks so you never run out of food.

Any thoughts about the Pet Plate box?

Visit PetPlate to subscribe or find out more!


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