My Fashion Crate August 2018 Subscription Box Review

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My Fashion Crate is a monthly subscription box for Fashionistas that sends a curated package of stylish clothing, accessories, beauty items, & gift cards delivered to your mailbox! What can you expect to find in here?

Every month, enjoy premium, curated products exclusively for stylish and fabulous women.

-Clothing including shirts, sweaters, dresses, skirts or outerwear
-Fun and trendy fashion accessories
-Coupons up to 70% for exclusive brands so you can shop online yourself
-Gift Cards from top brands and other surprises!

The silvery rainbow mailer is always so pretty! My Fashion Crate ships all over the world and comes in two levels: The Premium Box is $49.95 plus shipping and will be packed with 5-8 items including shirts, dresses, separates, shoes, jewelry, accessories or gift cards (Value up to $300). The Essential Box is $35 plus shipping and will be packed with 3-4 items including shirts, dresses, separates, shoes, jewelry, accessories or gift cards (Value up to $200).

I am reviewing the Premium Box. Here’s a look at everything in my box! All of the items are brand new and still in their bags.

Start by figuring out which size you need using the sizing chart. I ordered my daughters a size small and the items were kind of big.

I received a product info card with details on all the items in both the Essential and Premium box and suggested retail price.

The back features the additional items that come in the Premium Box. There was also info on how to share your box on social media.

Beau Undies ($13.99) Beau Undies is a subscription box for underwear that has two types to choose from – cheeky, thong, or mixed (one of each). They have sizes XS-XL and with this coupon you get your first set for free, just pay for shipping.

Flint Rose Gold Flint Roller ($9.83) I have two cats in the house so cat hair is all over the place. Lint rollers are always welcome!

You twist and the roller comes up and exposes the sticky paper.

Roll it over your clothes and go. Literally, the compact size and cover mean this would be perfect for your purse or bag for touch-ups.

Forever New Fabric Care Wash ($5.70) is a fine granular product that can be used to wash any type of laundry load and has a soft, delicate scent that reminds me of those products meant for baby clothes. You can place this in a regular or HE machine, or dissolve some in the sink for hand-washables. There was a coupon code included.

It’s always exciting to see a jewelry box in a subscription box!

Jewels by Durrani Leaf Bracelet ($42) I couldn’t find this bracelet on the website but they have lots of other items to choose from. There was also a coupon for $25 off of a $75+ purchase on the site.

I like the fact that this is adjustable so it fits a variety of wrist sizes.

Manna Kadar Blossom Floral Compact ($29) I know Manna Kadar gets a bad rap sometimes because it’s in so many subscription boxes, but my daughter and I had to pick our chins up off the floor after seeing this compact!

So beautiful, right?

There’s a highlighter and two blushes and you can wear them separately or blend it all together.

You can’t really see the highlighter (top) but you can definitely see the lighter blush (middle) and a darker one (bottom). I forgot to blend them but it will vary anyways depending on how you rub your brush over it. My younger daughter (14 years old) is not really into makeup much but she loves this compact.

LoveRiche White-Pink Stripe Off The Shoulder Dress ($58) LoveRiche is a wholesale clothing manufacturer so you can’t really find this in their shop, but they sell them in online boutiques. I couldn’t find this particular dress so the value is from the info card.

The dress is made of 100% cotton for the outer layer, 100% polyester for the inside lining. Machine wash cold or dry clean.

The stripes are light pink, even lighter pink, coral, and golden yellow. The sleeves have a full ruffle down their length.

Here’s the whole dress.

The last item is for the Premium Box only.

Deux Lux Bond Wallet ($65) Subscribers received one of 3 patriotic colors – red, white, or blue. We found them for sale for $24.97, but only the white color is available.

The outside features a woven pattern that is kind of soft, and while the card said this is made of cruelty-free non-leather, I think they mean it is vegan.

The entire wallet innards are covered by a zipper, with plenty of room for money, change, cards, etc. My only complaint is that it is kind of stinky, and I remember that a bag sent by this company a few boxes back had the same problem. Maybe it will fade with use. It’s just a strong odor from the material, not like it smells like garlic or anything like that. It’s actually a really nice wallet.

My Fashion Crate is a great sub for those who are into boutique clothing items and cute and fashionable items. I think this is also perfect for younger women, although there are items in here that appeal to me in my advanced age. The value for the Essential Box is around $158.52, and that jumps to $223.52 for the Premium Box. This includes the value for the Beau Undies sample bag.

What do you think of My Fashion Crate? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Visit My Fashion Crate to subscribe or find out more!


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