Mickey Monthly Subscription Box Review + Coupon – July 2018

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Mickey Monthly is a monthly Disney-themed subscription box. They offer snack boxes, souvenir boxes, and combo boxes with a mix of both types of items! Mickey Monthly selects items from a large selection of WDW souvenirs and treats and now offers many different subscriptions, with different size options (plus you can specify age and gender).

Mickey Monthly offers various subscriptions for Disney fans. Monthly mystery boxes can include Disney pins, officially licensed Disney items, and Disney Parks items. Check the bottom of this post for a complete breakdown of their different subscriptions! This month I got the Pinpro box. The Pin Pro package includes authentic Disney Parks Pins that are purchased in the parks. They are open edition pins and each ones comes in it’s own satin pouch to prevent damage.  The PinPro pins come without backing for extra savings and you can choose to receive 1,2, or 3 different pins per month, with 3 pins being the best deal per pin.

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While not on backer cards the pins each come in their own little bag so that they don’t get scratched up. This works for us since my boys put them right on their lanyards.

Violet pin – She has one of the coolest powers in the Incredibles and I can’t wait to see Incredibles 2. My boys went without me so I haven’t had a chance to see it myself. Maybe I need to make some time once they go back to school and just do a solo outing. Now while I love the pin that really makes me excited.

Chip pin – YES!!! Chip is just so stinkin’ cute and definitely one of the breakout stars of Beauty and the Beast.

Magic Mirror Pin – A nice pin but not the most exciting one in my set. Of course, I’m not a huge Evil Queen person so that could be it. It is very shiny and the mirror is actually a mirror which I like.

A great selection of pins from Mickey Monthly this month.  My boys were excited and ran off with them right away. We are not pin traders but we are collectors and usually get a couple each trip down so this is a great way to enhance that collection with pins we may not have seen. If we were traders this would be a great way to add to our trade stash. Get this each month leading up to a trip would be a fun countdown and way to keep the excitement going between booking and actually going.

What do you think of this month’s Mickey Monthly?

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Here’s a little more detail about all the available Mickey Monthly boxes!

Theme Park Edition contains items from Disney Parks and has three varieties + a limited-time box:

  • Fairy ($29.99/mo) – A limited-time box which is a surprise mix of 2-4 basic Disney Parks items.
  • Mickey ($49.99/mo) – A surprise mix of 2-6 basic and medium Disney Parks items.
  • Castle ($79.99/mo) – A surprise mix of 2-8 basic, medium and large Disney Parks items.
  • Kingdom ($199.99/mo) – A huge mix of 4-12 surprise basic, medium and large Disney Parks items.

Pin Edition are all about Disney trading pins and has two varieties:

  • PinPal ($6.49/mo) – This gives you one, gently used Disney Trading pin that has endured the proud tradition of being traded by other pin collectors.
  • PinPro ($12.95/mo) – Get one shiny, brand new pin, every month. Guaranteed new and tradeable.
  • PinTastic ($19.95/mo) – One brand new pin with backing. Pins in this package are currently being sold at Disney Parks and are open edition.
  • PinCollector ($29.95/mo) – Includes one of the current month’s Limited Edition pins.

Original Mickey Monthly contains Disney Parks souvenirs + snacks and offers two options:

  • Classic ($19/mo) – A surprise mix of 2-6 basic and middle sized souvenirs (quantity varies based on value).
  • Magic ($39/mo) – A surprise mix of 4-10 basic, middle and big souvenirs and snacks (quantity varies based on value).

Snack Edition are all about Disney-inspired munchies and offers three options:

  • Fairy ($29.99/mo) – 2-4 mystery snacks
  • Mickey ($49.99/mo) – 3-8 mystery snacks
  • Castle ($79.99/mo) – 4 to 12 mystery snacks


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