Match Made Coffee Subscription Box Review + Coupon – August 2018

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Match Made Coffee is a monthly subscription box that sends coffee and cookie pairings. Each box includes two packs of freshly roasted international craft coffee, along with two perfectly flavor-paired gourmet cookies. Subscriptions start at $19.95 a month and shipping is free.

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Everything in my August 2018 box!

This month’s featured coffees are Colombian Supremo and Dark Sumatra.

Match Made Coffee Colombian Supremo & Taro Cookie.

Enjoy this top-of-the-shelf roast and taste the bright notes and creamy flavor quality. Equally unique, and delivering a silky smooth palate-pleasing taste, be sure to pair this with the one-of-a-kind Taro cookie.

This homemade taro cookie is made from taro flavored dough, vanilla extracts, butter, and shortenings. It’s moist and delicious, also a tad floral with a little nutty flavor.

This pre-ground coffee is roasted in a very light level with fine dark brown grain and sweet, aromatic scent. The grains are so fine!

This coffee had a smooth, full body. It had some bright lemony notes, and the light roast let the floral and fruity undertones shine through in a way not usually seen in Colombian roasts (which are typically fairly dark). Pairing it with Taro Cookie is truly lovely!

Match Made Coffee Dark Sumatra & PB Overload Cookie.

On the beautiful island of Sumatra, you will find these beans thriving in the tropical and volcanic terrain. The rich dark chocolate and nutty roasting notes are highlighted to their fullest when enjoyed alongside the decadent Peanut Butter Overload cookie.

I’m quite disappointed that the cookie arrived crumbled. It still tasted great though. The creamy peanut butter makes an extra nutty dough mixed with Guittard and Resse’s chocolate chips.

Unlike the Colombian Supremo, the grains of Dark Sumatra is much larger and darker.

This was a pleasant coffee, with rich dark chocolate and nutty roasting accents. I liked the way the roast complemented the earthly tones of the bean and burned off some of the mossiness so the dark cocoa could come through. It went well with the richness of Peanut Butter cookie.

Match Made Coffee is different from the usual coffee subscriptions because we get to pair the coffee blends with a delicious cookie, giving us a great breakfast or snack time idea! I like both coffees this month, and except for the crumbled cookie, this box is just perfect. If you’re a coffee enthusiast who also loves pairing your cup of joe with a yummy treat, then this is definitely the coffee subscription for you. I’m glad to see that Cravory cookies come in the box, as they are a great, yummy product. I liked the unusual roast choices, as they brought out characteristics in the coffees that were atypical for their respective terroir. The pairing concept is fun, but the bags don’t have a ton of coffee, so it’s not intended as your sole source of daily brew. I think I could get a second Aeropress brew (I make it strong) out of each bag, or a single French press preparation from each. I’m looking forward to more exciting coffee pairings in next month’s Match Made Coffee!

What do you think of our August 2018 Match Made Coffee box?

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  • Alex

    Thanks for the review, Tom! Glad you liked it and appreciated the differences in the flavor notes.