Java Presse Coffee Of The Month Club August 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Java Presse Coffee Of The Month Club is a monthly coffee subscription box that sends fresh and organically grown coffee from around the world. Each shipment contains one 12 ounce bag of the month’s featured coffee!

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There are no fillers or extra packaging in the box, just good coffee (and it’s durable, anyway).

There’s a welcome letter from Raj Jana, the JavaPresse Coffee Co. Chief Brewing Officer.

There’s also a card that provides a link to brew guides, how-to videos, weekly giveaways, and free coffee.

At the back of the card is a feature about JavaPresse’s famed manual coffee grinder. It is their award-winning ceramic burr grinder that grinds everything from French Press to Espresso while eliminating 90% of the noise that electric grinders produce.

Java Presse Signature Blend Happy Place – This month’s featured coffee is JavaPresse Signature Blend Happy Place, a mix of beans from Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The combination of chocolate cookie, guava, and blackberry seems interesting, and it’s the kind of unique blend of flavor notes I would expect from an East African blend. Ethiopian beans usually have some lovely fruit against a citrus backdrop; Kenyans often have fun, raisin-like sweetness, and Ugandan beans can have a dark, cereal and cocoa richness.

I think the three bean origins are listed in the same order as the main flavor notes they contribute to the blend.

It’s great that they included the roast date on the packaging to show that these coffee grounds are fresh. The fresher they are, the more flavor and aroma that you will get.

JavaPresse employs a personal approach to gathering the coffee grounds. You can read a bit about their dedication on the back of the pouch.

Aside from the fact that they collaborate with coffee farmers from all over the world, another thing that we love about JavaPresse is that they are also supporting children through the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Coffee begins to lose 40% of its aroma and flavors within 15 minutes of grinding. That’s why we’ll never sell you pre-ground coffee: To empower you to grind your own coffee and make the most of that magical bean.

These coffee look great, and they smell lovely too.

Here’s a closer look at the beans! I can see the different color, texture, and membrane integrity of the three varietals this blend comprises.

It’s medium roast, just perfect for my taste.

It is indeed happiness in a cup! The coffee is rich, with a chocolatey flavor and developed fruit flavor of blackberry and guava. The notes are pretty distinct, and they go together nicely, one flowing into the next. The coffee exhibits a bit of acidity, with a lush mouthfeel and pleasant, mild tartness.

I love JavaPresse’s coffee offerings! This month’s featured coffee combines coffee beans from Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia, creating a unique medley of flavor that showcases some of the great vibrancy of coffees from that part of the world. The flavor is also not typical. It’s bright, chocolatey, and fruity, which brings some instant good vibes with every sip. If you’d also love to taste various kinds of coffee from around the world, getting  a subscription like this is the way to go!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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