Japan Crate July 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Japan Crate is a monthly subscription box that helps you “experience the excitement of Japan every month through fun candy & snacks.” They have three subscription levels that start at $12 a month and offer 1, 3, 6, or 12-month plans that auto-renew at the end of the term. Japan Crate aims to send candy that is fun and exclusively available in Japan.

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This month’s box is full of delicious snacks from top to bottom!

There are 3 different subscription levels available: The Mini includes 5 items, the Original includes those items PLUS another 5 items, and the Premium includes those 10 items PLUS another 5 items. This month I am reviewing the Premium box!

Included inside the box is a Manga-zine that lists the contents of the box, as well as some fun food and cultural info about Japan. The chart of contents lists the snacks for all three box sizes. The tiers are cumulative, so our Premium Box has everything on the page!

Check out two other festival celebrated in Japan this month, the Grand Sumo Tournament and Kihoku Lantern Festival. This month’s theme is FESTIVAL FOODS!

The box interior is so cute.

Everything in my July 2018 box!

Koikeya Pride Potato Tempura Sea Salt. These unique potato chips feature a tempura-inspired texture. Each piece is dusted with sea salt and matcha, creating a light and crunchy eating experience!

Ramune Bottle Gummy. It’s a cute and chewy bottle-shaped gummy candy. It starts with a sour taste but ends with a strong and sweet juicy taste.

Ciderball Ramune. Infused with ramune flavor, this hard candy produces tingly bubbles when put inside your mouth!

King’s Lost Crown. I found the king’s crown! This crown-shaped cookie is crispy on the outside but creamy and chocolate-y inside. I feel sorry for the king but I am certain not to return it. So yummy!

Shrimp Mayo Umaibo. Umaibo is one of the most famous snacks in Japan. It is a crunchy corn puff stick with different flavors. This month’s umaibo is flavored with shrimp dressed in kewpie and Japanese mayo. If you like savory snacks, you’ll probably like this one too!

Ateko Variety DIY Raffle Game. Sharing candy with friends and family was made more fun by this candy game set featuring classic Japanese candies. For the activity, each participant will draw one card. Each card has a corresponding candy that the participant will get. What a fun and unique treat!

Watermelon Chocolate Chip Cookie. Watermelon in my chocolate chip cookies? Now that’s something new! The dough of these cookies is blended with real watermelon. It’s moist, sweet, and definitely fruity! The aroma is more watermelony than the taste. One of my kids opened it up, tasted it, and said, well that’s different!

Tanabata Koala March. Koala March is a famous Japanese snack. It’s a chocolate-y and crunchy cookie biscuit and the variant we got is Tanabata themed. Tanabata is also known as Star Festival, which is observed every July 7 in Japan.

Cider Jellyball. This jelly ace is so soft and tasty. I love how the refreshing taste of soda scatters so quick inside my mouth.

Forgotten Anko Dorayaki. One pack contains two of these delightful pancakes filled with anko or red beans. It’s fresh and filling!

Coconut Pie. One box contains six individually wrapped coconut pies. It’s coated with real coconut milk cream. The combination of flaky biscuit and sweet taste of coconut is just perfect, we all love it!

Goldfish Candy. The candy wrapper is so cute, it really looks like a goldfish! These pineapple and grape flavored candies are filled with fizzy powder, which produces a lot of bubbles inside the mouth. Having them all in the box feels like winning a game at the local Japanese festival!

Mario Wii Gum. Who doesn’t know Mario? This cute gum featuring Super Mario is so nostalgic. I’d love to play the game again while chewing this juicy rich orange flavored gummy.

Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kat. This special edition Kit Kat features a light strawberry cheesecake flavor and white chocolate. I highly recommend to eat them frozen solid to experience it like a strawberry flavored, white chocolate ice cream!

Shonen Jump Georgia Emerald Coffee. Georgia Emerald Coffee is celebrating their 50th anniversary and because of that, they are releasing limited edition designs for Shonen. The character I got is from Yu Yu Hakusho. He is my favorite among all the four protagonists, it’s Kurama!

Unlike the previous box we got, this month’s Japan Crate Premium Box is full of exciting and enjoyable treats that my kids and I loved. They provided a great variety of savory snacks, chocolates, and candies that captured our palate. We really enjoyed the goldfish and DIY raffle game candies, they are so cute and yummy. Same goes with the watermelon cookies and koikeya potato chips, both of them are so tasty. All in all, this month’s curation is so great and we are looking forward to more exceptional and delicious treats next month!

What item do you want to try from this month’s Japan Crate? Let me know in the comments!


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