Fortune Cookie Soap FCS of the Month August 2018 Box Review + Coupon!

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The FCS of the Month Club is a monthly subscription from Fortune Cookie Soap that features full-sized products including past scents making a revival, current releases, and at least one brand new product. The box is $28 a month and shipping is calculated at check out based on your location.

We didn’t choose the soap life, the soap life chose us.

Hello box makeover! Love the new custom look!

DEAL: Save $6.95 shipping fee for your first month! Use coupon code FIRSTFCSBOX.

We are welcomed by the pamphlet and an orange tissue paper upon opening the box.

Everything is packed nicely. There are no leaks or damage.

August’s theme is The Goblin King – It’s LABYRINTH inspired!

There will be an extended collection of the Goblin King and it will be launched on August 31.

Information about the individual items is listed in this booklet. Each item is thoroughly discussed. There’s a description, as well as usage instructions, and a list of ingredients used.

It has the images and their corresponding retail price.

I find this booklet interesting and really informative, plus it really gets you into the theme!

Everything in this month’s box!

Crystal Ball Crystal Infused Perfume Oil ($12.99) It’s a crystal infused perfume oil with a combination of pink peonies, praline, candied pomegranates, and golden apricot to boot. The top notes are nice and fruity, but it does fade into the background and it does make me smell nice all day long. It’s amazing! PLUS, it shimmers!

Voodoo, Who Do? Room Spray ($8.99) Room sprays definitely help keep any funky odor away! This one is even better because its scent is a mixture of wild red raspberries and cotton blossoms, with cedar as its base note. It makes any space smell good without overpowering your senses.

You Have No Power Over Me Shimmer Body Wash ($7.99) The famous line from the movie really hit the Goblin King hard but this body wash is anything but that. The combination of scents from lily-of-the-valley, grapefruit, Valencia orange, with tobacco and spice as its case notes are just a few noticeable scents in this body wash. A small amount will give you a rich lather plus a little shimmer!

Cutest Monster Face Ever Charcoal Facial Cleanser ($12.99) This charcoal facial cleanser helps remove even the most stubborn dirt on your skin. It’s gentle and it didn’t leave my skin dry at all. It has notes of spiced rum, jasmine petals, Tahitian blonde woods, and pink sugar. A dime size of this facial cleanser is enough for each use. I love the smell and the slight exfoliation this cleanser provides!

The Bog Of Eternal Stench Veggie Protein Deodorant ($7.99) Instead of being weighed down by the Bog of Eternal Stench, this deodorant will leave you smelling nice with hints of golden amber, a bit of honeycomb, and vanilla coconut cream. It’s aluminum free and it contains grapefruit seed which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Fireys Volumizing Shampoo ($14.99) This volumizing shampoo smells nice and its texture is not the same as your regular shampoo because it contains Dead Sea salt.

Just apply this on wet hair and massage to create a lather. It has notes of peach, pear, hydrangea, and violet, all rounded with the base note of fireys musk. I love the idea of adding sea salt to help exfoliate the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

It has a thick and creamy consistency and a small amount is enough to get you bubbles This depends mostly on how thick or long your hair is, so just adjust your use accordingly.

Chilly Down Cooling Aloe Me Whipped Cream ($7.99) The combination of peppermint, zesty lemon rind, and vanilla made this product so irresistible. It’s not edible though! The aloe and cream combo is for soothing dry, irritated, and sunburnt skin.

To use, just scoop a bit of both the aloe and the cream and apply to your skin.

For an extra cooling sensation, you can pop it in the fridge too, although just by itself it’s cooling! Both the aloe and the cream are lightweight and gets easily absorbed by the skin. They don’t leave any sticky residue and my daughter and I had a fun time applying this one going back and forth between the two textures.

FCS always does an amazing job with the names of their products and the scents they inspire. This month, anyone who has seen the movie Labyrinth will definitely understand the labels immediately. Fortunately, the Bog of Eternal Stench is the opposite of the movie with its sweet-smelling scent. The rest of the products helps with our beauty and grooming routines and each of them boasts a unique smell, making this box always worth it!

What do you think of this month’s FCS The Soap Box?

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