Doki Doki August 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Doki Doki is a monthly kawaii subscription box from Japan Crate. Every month, you’ll receive super cute Japanese items – accessories, stationery, plushies, and other adorable Japanese goodies.

It’s overflowing with cuteness!

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The cover art this month is so kawaii and is by Tomo.

The card also has a fun comic strip!

July 2018 theme is HOME SWEET HOME.

The info sheet includes photos of the items, plus a brief description of each.

DokiDoki certainly knows how to add the cuteness to everything in this crate!

Everything in the August 2018 box!

Sumikkogurashi Floor Mat. Sumikkogurashi is a group of fictional characters made by San X in Japan, which means “Adventures in Cuddly Corners.” The name is really appropriate, the characters are all cute and adorable!

In this floor mat, the Sumikkos are dressed for an adventure!

The floor mat definitely got an upgrade with these cute creatures. It’s soft and just the right size for our door.

The bottom of the floor mat prevents it from slipping.

Hidden Shiba Soy Sauce Dish. The soy sauce dish arrived safely in a small box.

At first, the dish looks plain except for the outline of a dog at the center of the dish.

As you add soy sauce to this dish, the image of the Shiba Inu appears. Add more soy sauce to make the image more prominent.

Rilakkuma & Sumikko Gurashi Bamboo Bowls. Another kitchen item we got from the box is this bamboo bowl. It looks great for a serving of delicious ramen!

SumikkoGurashi characters are drawn on the sides of the bowl!

The gang is complete! How kawaii!

It’s an eco-friendly bowl with kawaii characters. I’m definitely sold. Is he handing him a pickle?

My Melody Purple Straw. My Melody is another popular Sanrio character. This time she’s gracing a reusable straw in purple.

The top portion of the straw is bent to form My Melody’s outline. This will make any beverage kawaii for sure! This reusable straw is perfect for our go bag to take with us!

Little Twin Stars Chopsticks. These cute chopsticks are perfect with the bamboo bowls!

They can be tied together to prevent the chopsticks from falling from your hands especially when you are still practicing. This is a useful feature!

The ends of the Little Twin Stars chopsticks can be snapped on or removed if you like. The image of the Twin Stars on the tops of the chopsticks make it extra lovely!

I like how the characters of the Twin Stars on top of the chopsticks are darker than the rest of the design because they pop out.

I can’t wait to use this for ramen night! These are made extra long to use for cooking to keep your hands away from hot pans.

DokiDoki Crate August box contains items that are perfect for the house, particularly for the kitchen. As expected, everything is kawaii! My favorite is definitely the Sumikkogurashi bamboo bowl and the Little Twin Stars chopsticks. The Shiba Inu soy sauce dish is really nice too. This subscription always includes Sanrio items, so if you’re a fan of Sanrio you can expect them appearing often in the boxes!

What did you think of this month’s Doki Doki Crate?

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