Dispatch Kids by Breakout Games Subscription Box Review + Coupon – CASE OF THE MISSING COIN Part 1!

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Dispatch Kids by Breakout Games is a monthly subscription providing an interactive mystery game for children aged 3 and above. For $24.99 a month, your child will receive monthly activities that will test their problem-solving skills, literacy, motor skills, and others that are critical to solving the mystery. It’s an educational and highly entertaining monthly subscription for developing your child’s mental faculties.

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This is Part 1 of the Case of the Missing Coin.

Johnny has lost his favorite coin and he needs your help! Retrace Johnny’s footsteps and solve puzzles to figure out where it went last missing.

Using maps, flashcards, and digital games you and your little detective will unravel the mystery of the missing coin and learn through hands-on problem solving.

We received a postcard before starting our adventure! There’s a questionnaire for the kids and some optional activities.

The first part contains personal questions like name, age, address, and your kid’s birthday. The second part is an optional activity, depending on their age.

There’s a note from Johnny, and he’s grateful that we’re willing to help him solve the mystery!

Are you ready to play the coin quest?

Everything in our box!

Through this activity, the kids will develop early literacy and vocabulary, numeracy and mathematics, motor skills and physical development, and social skills.

There are some rules and how to’s for this game, and they’re listed in this page.

They also listed the cognitive/academic skills the kids will develop, so as the social and emotional skills. And there’s a bonus, your child will be able to identify their street address, telephone number, and the day/month of their birthday!

You’ll get a checklist on what you’ll get for this month’s box. How exciting!

Here’s everything you need to get started: note from Johnny, missing poster, crayons, fact sheet, flashcards, map, and stamp. Do you have all your goodies?

There are four colors of crayons included: blue, red, yellow, and green. The stamp also has a paw design, it’s so cute!

Here’s a photo card from Johnny!

Johnny has also sent a little note in the box. He really needs help!

He lost his special coin and he needs our help. The first activity is to make a poster.

He is asking to color the missing poster using the crayons that were included in this kit. The color the legend is provided on the note as well.

The kids started to color the legend, and they also took a glimpse of Johnny’s personal information sheet.

It’s time to fill up their own personal information sheet!

They also colored this sheet with the image of the missing coin, they need to follow the colors to be used depending on the number that’s written on the legend below.

You can compare the legend to the colors on the first activity.

After finding the missing number, you can dial it on the website or just scan the QR code to give them a call!

After dialing, here’s what’s displayed on the screen: Welcome to the Secret Detective Club! Johnny helped us figure out our next steps.

In retracing Johnny’s footsteps, use the stamp and flashcards for this activity!

There are six flash cards, and you need to find the match for each object in the picture.

There are ice creams, playing kids, slide, a bubble machine, and more!

The parents’ participation is also needed to complete this quest!

My kids also started marking the picture using the stamp, and the clues from the flashcards. We had our 3 year old use a big fat crayon to trace the order of the steps.

If ever they need to visit Johnny’s website, adult supervision is needed.

After doing so, the screen displayed that Johnny has retraced his footsteps! And now, all we need is to click the place where we think Johnny lost his coin…

We got it right! Johnny used his coin to pay for the ice cream he bought! Hooray! Job well done to my kids! Not so great for Johnny.

Here’s the flip side of the parent flashcards – they have labels and some information on what’s in the photo!

This is such a kid-friendly mystery box! Dispatch Kids by Breakout Games Subscription is a fun but challenging game that is designed to test your little one’s mental skills. From problem-solving to motor skills, to deductive reasoning, everything will be tested here. Plus, you can also get to work on the problems together digitally as instructed on this subscription box. It’s really interactive, and will spark the kids’ interest in problem solving!

What do you think of this month’s Dispatch Kids by Breakout Games?

Visit Dispatch Kids by Breakout Games to subscribe or find out more!


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