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BoxyLuxe by BOXYCHARM Upgraded Box – New Details!

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BOXYCHARM has announced more information on BoxyLuxe, a new subscription box coming Fall 2018! This box will only be available for current BOXYCHARM subscribers and an upcharge of $28.99 on your existing box.

This is how the upgrade costs will work (thanks for the head’s up Amber!):

Since BoxyLuxe is an upgrade to your original subscription, you will be paying your normal subscription amount, $21/month if you have the monthly subscription, plus you will pay for the upgrade, which is $28.99 every March, June, September, and December.

The quarterly subscription features:
  • Luxury Brands Products ranging from lifestyle to skincare and, of course, beauty.
  • Hand curated, full size, luxury brands directly to you every three months. Each box is valued at over $300, pay just $28.99 in addition to your existing subscription.


If you upgrade your subscription to BoxyLuxe, you’ll ONLY receive BoxyLuxe for the month of feature. If you don’t upgrade, you’ll still receive the normal box. BoxyLuxe customers get the upgraded box every March, June, September, and December. For those month’s, they will get the upgraded subscription, replacing their regular box.

What do you think of the news?


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  • Kyla

    I already got subscribed to get the monthly box but I didn’t know about the luxe box until now! Is there anyway I can get the luxe box still?

    • Hello Subscription

      If you log in and edit your subscription you will see an upgrade button for the March Boxyluxe. It’s an additional 28.99 per quarter for the upgraded box. Can no longer get for December but you can get ready for March!

  • Jennifer fulwiler

    Do they take the extra money out for boxyluxe $28.99 at the same time they take your regular Boxycharm money out $21.00? I’m just curious if they will take the money out on any random day way before the regular $21.00 comes out . so will the $28.99 not on taken out on my billing day I usually have ? Hope this makes sense . I really want the box but want to know when I will get billed.

  • Lisa

    I subscribed then cancelled the upgrade. Because to pay for the first original box plus 28.99 is not worth it. Luxe to me would give you both boxes. The items you get with the upgrade to me are not worth it because what if I like the regular box? I get the luxe and hate it. Hope all that makes sense. I love my monthly boxes soon yeah I’m going back to “coach” (airplane)

  • Jena Carr

    If I subscribe in October will I have to wait till December to get boxyluxe or will I still be able to get September’s

    • Hello Subscription

      You will need to stay subscribed for November and December in order to get the December Luxe.

  • Cait

    hey so, on the designated months we recieve the Luxe box but every other month we still get the regular one?

    • Hello Subscription

      Yes, and the upcharge is only on the designated months (every 3 months).

  • Desire

    Question – so during the month that we get the boxycharm luxe do we receive the regular subscription box PLUS the luxe box? Or we pay the $21 and $28 and receive more products, full size, in the luxe box?

    • Hello Subscription

      Hi there – You get most of the items in the regular box plus the Luxe items.

  • ᑕᗩᖇOᒪ GᑌᑎTEᖇ

    I ᒪOᐯE IT ᔕOOOO E᙭ᑕITEᗪ

  • Shelbis

    I can’t wait to upgrade to boxyluce

  • Monica F Cemental

    Hi, Always A Pleasure ? Thank You For Making My Days On Boxycharm Delivery Day!!
    When will we get updated on boxyluxe?

  • amber

    It will be $49.99 every 3rd month and $21 the other months.

    • Hello Subscription

      TY!! They added a bunch more info!