A Little Touch of Magick Mystery Box Subscription Review + Coupon – July 2018

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A Little Touch of Magick Mystery Box is a box with a story in mind. Each box contains an original short story, and five or more items to bring that story alive! Boxes may feature hand-made soaps, candles, bath products, jewelry, accessories, home decor, original art & more! The box is $45.99 a month.

This month is all about Unicorns!

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This month’s short story is The Secret by J.M. Steele. It’s a four pages long story about a King, a Queen, and a Unicorn! I preferred this length to the two pages long short story from last month, especially since there’s a bit of mystery in it! This story really ties every goodie from this box together, and only the writer knows if items were chosen first, or if the story was written first!

There was a card in the box explaining a bit more about the word Selenite, a stone that you find in this box!

We also get a list of all the treasures, I mean the lovely items in this month’s box!

Everything in the box! A lot of care has been put into wrapping every item in boxes and protective bubble wrap. After taking everything out of the box, I couldn’t figure out how to put everything back in, this box is FULL!

Unicorn Tapestry Tote Bag. Tapestries play a role in the short story, and this bag fits the idea perfectly! And not only is it pretty, it’s but huge!!! 20″L x 17″H x 4″W, without counting the handles! I’m not kidding, this can be used as an overnight or weekended bag, or a dance/gym/yoga bag.

The material is thick so if you are not afraid to dirty it with your daily outings, this bag can take a beating! The canvas showcase this lovely unicorn in colorful, yet subtle tones. It’s fun, classy, and doesn’t look childish so anyone would love it!

The back has a very nice pattern. This tote has only one main compartment, with no inside or outside pocket, and closes with a zipper. I like that you can completely close it as I travel a lot in winter, and it’s nice to have a roomy tote bag that can still keep everything protected from the weather. I love this bag!

Selenite Carved Spiral Unicorn Horn. I have my own unicorn horn!!! It’s a lovely big piece of selenite, one of the stones associated with the moon. The striation inside the stone is nicely showcased and this piece can be used as a decor accent, or as a meditation tool. Selenite is a stone that can help with mental clarity and it’s just so pretty to look at!

Handmade Selenite & Peacock Green or Blue Crystal Bead Crown Necklace. I got the green one! The pale mate white beads are selenite beads, and I couldn’t be happier. I love gemstones!

It’s a cute delicate necklace, with just a bit of bling coming from the crown!

Handmade Unicorn Horn Earrings on Stainless Steel Wires.  A fun pair of earrings that you can wear with the necklace or by themselves. I like how delicate they are, while still making an impact!

Unicorn compact Mirror & Keychain. Both sides have the same cute pink design.

Both sides have a mirror, but they have the same magnification. I like the attachment as you can carry your keys and attach the whole thing to a backpack or a purse for ease of use.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Cube Sugar Scrubs. The Sugar Cubes are straight out of the Short Story, and I love it! After the lovely bath salts from last month (it was awesome, even my husband was jealous!), I was looking forward to seeing what kind of self-care item we would get this month, and what amazing scent it would be!

And I wasn’t disappointed! I love sugar scrubs to use in the shower, and the scent is once again awesome! I can’t say at all what’s the scent, but it’s sweet without being candy-like. It’s amazing!

You are a Unicorn Note Card. A cute blank card that you can use for a birthday, or simply “because”! Once again, I love how the design can fit anyone, no matter their age!

Single Serve Tea Forte & Berghin Say La Perruche Sugar Cubes. I tend to dig into this box before reading the Short Story (Bad me, I know!), so I was a bit surprised by this item all nicely wrapped in a purple organza bag, but once you read the short story, it makes so much sense! And I will never look at sugar cubes the same way again!

August’s theme is “Enchanted Garden.” Fairies? Lots of flowers? This will be so lovely!

I fell in love with last month A little Touch of Magick Mystery Box, and my love got stronger with this month’s! The curation is lovely with everything well tied to the short story, making the story a fun sensory adventure! So much care goes into not only each handmade items but also in choosing everything to make this box alive! I love the mix of useful items, jewelry, and self-care goodies! I’m wondering if my only complaints from the last box has been taken into consideration, seeing that the short story was 4 pages instead of 2 (I’m greedy, I wanted something longer!) I know there’s a lot of work in writing a short story, but I felt that this month’s was more developed and not as rushed to get to the items! A lovely experience overall!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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