Universal Yums June 2018 Subscription Box Review – Brazil

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Universal Yums is a monthly international snack subscription box. Every month, you’ll take a trip to a new country and munch on brand new exciting snacks. There are two sizes of box, the Yum ($13) and the Yum Yum ($25). This is the Yum Yum box, and it’s a fun subscription that we get a kick out of each and every month.

This month, the yums are from Brazil!

All of the items that came in my Brazil Box!

The smaller candies all come in a Yum Bag so they don’t get tossed all around the box.

This inside of the informational brochure starts with a note about Brazil and the box.

The information for all the yums come in a great booklet each month.

The information book has notes about all of the items and their ingredients.

These books are so informative – it includes a bit of the snack’s history and how it might taste.

Cory Pao Dimel – Universal Yums reminds us that each country has a dish it’s known for and Brazil is known for its bread. Not the regular bread we get at the grocery store but this chocolate-covered spiced honey bread. It was a bit much for me but I can see where people love it.

Amori 1000 – I love wafer cookies in general and these are chocolate covered with a coconut filling.  I didn’t get to try these since my youngest grabbed them right up and asked if I had more.

Docigoma Gurt – Are gummies a food group at your house? They might as well be at mine. While we normally do just the regular gummies I have been known to toss in the yogurt kind.  We all had tried these and thought they were good. A bit sweeter then what we are used to here in the US but my boys both said they would have them again.

Squil Churrasco – These were a bit odd in that they were meat flavored corn chips. I’m all about a Brazillian steakhouse and having meat on a stick but not sure I want to taste them in my chips.

Frutabella Goiabikas – Cheese and guava! It sounds like something I would put on my plate for an evening snack.

Amori Mousse De Limao – More wafer cookies and these I got to try. These are wafers with a lime mousse in them. Funny story, my youngest eats lemons like they are oranges so for all practical purposes my dad bought us a lemon and a lime tree. So hopefully one day I can make my own lime foods and drinks. Universal Yums tells us that limes are a staple in the Brazilian cuisine.

Gelatines Festa – Even more gummies and these are coated in rainbow sprinkles.  I will honestly say I’ve never thought of putting my gummies through sprinkles but it does give them a fun and festive twist.

Pipoca Vivozinha – The description from Universal Yums say these have a unique texture and I’ll say it was pretty gross. Very dry and well that’s about all I got as I spit it out and didn’t try anymore.

Delicitos Pimenta – I like spicy and was popping these like crazy. Crunchy and spicy something I would have trouble keeping in my house since I would eat them all up.

SNACKS! Pimenta Calaresa – Another crunchy spicy stick. I’m a chip and pretzel type girl so I’m all over these but I think I like the Delicitos a bit better. They were just a bit easier for me to eat and I could pop them in easier.

Frutabella Amendoiks – These are like little peanut buttery bites.  Mushed up peanuts held together with some sugar.  They had a very peanuty taste but in just the right amount. I’m not a huge peanut eater but this was the perfect size without being too much for me.

Bananada com Chocolate – Yums lets us know that Brazilians love their Bananas and is one of the top Banana producers but most of them are kept in country and eaten quickly by locals.  These little bars are mashed bananas held together with some sugar and coated in chocolate. We all grabbed these and liked them but then it had me thinking how these might be if they were a bit frozen. Not crack your teeth but just a bit cold. I’m thinking delicious and if they ever visit Brazil again I might have to try it.

Frutabella Cokitos – A coconutty candy that is an iconic Brazilian treat. Another candy that is just the fruit, water, and sugar.

The June Brazil Universal Yums was yummy. There were some unique flavors in the box but enough to let me know that I’d enjoy visiting and would be able to find plenty of yums to enjoy while I was there. I like that lots of the snacks were made with very few ingredients and just the fruit, some sugar, and water. It really brings out the flavors and made them fun to try.

The back of the information booklet has a clue for the next country and tells us about the new SUPER YUM box option. Clue:

Once known as Formosa in the East China Sea
They’ve got snacks with five spices and sweet bubble tea
It’s up for (heated) debate if they’re a country or not
But one thing’s for certain: their Yums hit the spot!

Where do you think we are going? 

Next month we are going to Taiwan!


Universal Yums is including their first exclusive Yum!

Say “lí-hó” to our 1st ever Universal Yums’ EXCLUSIVE!

This snack was custom-made just for your Universal Yums box! We knew we had to bring this unique combination to you – it’s a flavor you can’t go to Taiwan without trying! Any guesses on what flavor it is?

Have you tried Universal Yums? What do you think?

Visit Universal Yums to subscribe or find out more!


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