TopMunch May 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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TopMunch promises to take you on a trip around the world with their snack box. Featuring snacks and treats from somewhere in the world, it means a complete experience of a different culture every month. They also include a complete travel and cultural guide in every shipment.

There’s a splash about the culture, a playlist to help magnify the tasting experience and top phrases. This is just the tip of the enclosed pamphlet.

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The reverse has details on the six included snacks and information about the referral program.

Jacobs Jaffa Cakes. I have never had a cake quite like this before. A light sponge cake with plain chocolate and a smashing organge bit of jam in the middle. My favorite part of these cakes is that they aren’t overly sweet and they are perfect for a hot Arizona summer picnic.

Walkers Scottish Shortbread Biscuits. Walkers is the biggest exporter of food, I found that truly fascinating. Shortbread is my weakness in the snacking world, and this one is by far the best I have ever had. The melt in my mouth butter taste is to die for. I didn’t share these with anyone in my house and I have to say I have never made a better food choice in all my life.

Tayto Crisps – Spring Onion. Cheese and onion flavored chips…yes, please! These are so much better than Sour Cream and Onion chips. I love that they are super thin and crispy. I’d love to have tasted these when they were served in waxed greaseproof paper and delivered in airtight tins.

McVities Crawford Garibaldi. Golden biscuits with a layer of squashed currants in the middle have been a British favorite and are best served with a pot of tea or coffee. Personally, I prefer to just drink the coffee or tea, the biscuits aren’t overly sweet and left my sweet tooth aching for something more. I did find out that I do like currants, which I had ever tried before so that’s a win in my book.

McVities Ginger Nuts. These are considered a true classic in the world of biscuits. It’s a nice crunchy biscuit that is best dunked in tea. The biscuits contain molasses, lemon oil and real ginger flavoring with a rich sweetness and spicy fragrance. It’s like eating Christmas cookies all year long with my favorite drink coffee, just toss me a good book and I will be one happy girl.

Stockley’s Cola Cubes Bag. These are a boiled hard candy made from sugar and cola flavorings with a soft, chewy center. I really should have read the description card first, I was all excited to try these candies and hoping they were gummy. Not gummy on the outside but very soft in the middle. I was overwhelmed with how much this tasted just like a cup of soda.

TopMunch is a wonderful way to taste the world without the expense of traveling. I love the added touch of the top phrases in the pamphlet, it’s too much fun using those expressions as I eat my treats. My favorite item was the Walkers Scottish Shortbread Biscuits. I can’t wait to see what next month brings to my door, my stomach loves this form of travel, there is no Dramamine needed.

What did you think of TopMunch‘s theme this month?

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"TopMunch is more than just snacks! With the “Experience Box”, you can not only taste the flavors of different hard-to-find traditional food & snacks, but can also be exposed to the local music whilst plotting your route through different countries using our travelogue and using our language guide to help converse with the local people. With our experience subscription box, every month you will not only receive snacks but shall also receive a music collection to listen to (TopMusic), a travelogue to map with (TopTravel) and a language guide to pick up local phrases (TopPhrase). And the best part – you will get to visit a new country each month and be able to immerse yourself in its culture in its entirety."

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Get $5 off of your first box! Use coupon code HELLOSUBFIRSTBOX.


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