TopMunch June 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Vietnam

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TopMunch is an around the world snack subscription box. Each month features different hard-to-find traditional food & snacks, as well as a guide to local music, local attractions, and local language. It’s like traveling the world without leaving the comforts of home. Currently they only ship within the US, but we’re looking forward to them branching out to other locations.

The note card has some interesting info about Vietnam and its culture. There is also a playlist to help magnify the tasting experience. Top phrases for a true cultural experience. I love that the phonetic pronunciation is included making it so much easier to learn new phrases.

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There is travel information… And notes on the included snacks. Everything’s very detailed and we appreciate that I would like to see a few more pictures of the featured country.

Peanut Ball Cookies (Dau Phong Da Ca). Cookies are my weakness and these peanut ball cookies are a treat. Sweet but not overly sweet and the bag was just small enough to eat in one sitting.

Lotus Seed Cake Cake (Bah Hat Sen). This cake has a chalk like texture but is also crumbly. It’s perfectly sweetened but I don’t know if I’d eat an entire box anytime soon. After reading the pamphlet I may be trying these again with a nice cup of green tea, it might just help my texture issues.

Artichoke Tea Bags (Tra Atiso). Artichoke tea contains several nutrients including vitamin A, B1 and C, and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and dietary fiber. It’s caffeine free, helps reduce cholesterol, cleanses the liver and quenches thirst. It has a mild flavor and sweetener can be added. This is like the holy grail of tea and I must add that sweetener is not needed in my opinion. I was super surprised that artichoke could be made into tea, I thought it’s the only purpose was to make a dip.

Jack Fruit Chips (Mit Say Kho). Jackfruit is sweet tasting and is called the queen of fruits in South East Asia. It’s kind of like eating unsweetened apple chips. It’s amazing! This fruit contains no cholesterol or saturated fats. I can’t get over how tasty this was, I could easily become a Jack Fruit junkie.

Brown Rice Cookies (Keo Gao Luc). These are not only incredibly good and pretty healthy They are made from brown rice, black sesame, and malt. This tasty treat comes in bite-sized portions. I could eat them any part of the day… morning, evening and night… during a hike or movie watching. This is a wonderful snack.

June’s TopMunch was a treat! All of the products were fresh and most of them interestingly new. My favorite was the Peanut Ball Cookies! This box is a great way to sample treats from around the world that you probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy without visiting the country yourself. If you are a traveling foodie or know one, this would be an awesome gift! It’s also a great way to spice up family time or a game night. I will say that I am really missing the scorecard, it was such a fun way to keep track of the family’s reactions.

What did you think of TopMunch‘s Vietnam theme?

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"TopMunch is more than just snacks! With the “Experience Box”, you can not only taste the flavors of different hard-to-find traditional food & snacks, but can also be exposed to the local music whilst plotting your route through different countries using our travelogue and using our language guide to help converse with the local people. With our experience subscription box, every month you will not only receive snacks but shall also receive a music collection to listen to (TopMusic), a travelogue to map with (TopTravel) and a language guide to pick up local phrases (TopPhrase). And the best part – you will get to visit a new country each month and be able to immerse yourself in its culture in its entirety."

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