PLAY! by Sephora PLAY! SMARTS – Glitter Eyes for Real Life Limited Edition Box Review

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Play! by Sephora recently released a limited edition box for $20! It’s called PLAY! SMARTS by Sephora Glitter Eyes for Real Life and it promises six trial-size eye products from brands like stila, OLEHENRIKSEN, Grande Cosmetics, and Bite Beauty. Purchasers will also get access to an exclusive live-streamed beauty crash course, plus a limited-edition beauty bag, informational SMART cards for each product, and a SMART pass good for 50 bonus Beauty Insider points with in-store purchase.

The PLAY! SMARTS by Sephora Glitter Eyes for Real Life box is still available!

A beauty box that includes access to a live-streamed class to learn about the glitter eye trend.

PLAY! SMARTS is the latest offering from PLAY! by SEPHORA that allows you to learn while you PLAY!

The very first edition of PLAY! SMARTS is all about the eyes. You’ll get a one-time delivery of six trial-size eye products and access to an interactive class that has everything you ever wanted to know about the glitter-eye trend. Get to know your samples, stream your CRASH COURSE at the date and time specified in your box, and ask our experts any questions you might have.

We are welcomed by this peach envelope.

Inside it are product cards, and essential information about the online crash course online entitled ‘Glitter Eyes For Real Life’!

This card is a PLAY! Pass that will get you 50 extra Beauty Insider points with a purchase from the box, in-store only.

The crash course will be available on Sephora’s Youtube channel. In case you miss out the live broadcast, you will still be able to access the replay anytime. I wasn’t wowed by this – I would expect this content to be purchaser-only.

The reusable pouch is really cute and shimmery with the rose gold sequins.

Everything in my Limited Edition box!

Don’t you love how chic this pouch is?

My pouch says hi! I’m guilty of playing with it a little… well, this box is named Play! isn’t it? It’s a two-toned sequined pouch which is relaxing when you run your fingers over it.

You can flip it and everything rose gold will turn into silver.

It’s a thin pouch without lining. It has an adjustable drawstring for the opening. You can see how delicately every sequin is woven into the fabric.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma ($4.69) It’s a long wearing liquid eyeshadow in shimmering vibrant nude pink shade that has a perfect blend of pearl and glitter.

It contains triethanolamine, which creates a barrier between the skin and the pearls to have a natural wear, and glycerin, which hydrates the skin. Those two make a perfect combination for creating a sparkling eye transformation. The formula is also free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

It’s surprisingly lightweight for a liquid eyeshadow, mainly because it has a water-infused texture which glides on effortlessly. The formula dries down quickly, locking in maximum sparkle with minimal fallout for elevated eye looks. Just apply one coat directly at the center of the lid and along the lash line. You can blend and set the edges with a firm eye brush or your fingers through a tapping motion. You can also wear it alone or over an eyeshadow. I felt like a sinner swatching it – I wanted to save every bit!

When you flip the Stila Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow card, you’ll see the images of suggested effects and there’s even a space for your notes if you tune in to the crash course.

Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Multistick in Rose Pearl ($10.61) This is a shimmering multi-stick that has a prismatic effect which changes its tone depending on the light and the angle.

It’s a versatile product that delivers pearl-inspired shades for a monochromatic or layer over eye, cheek or lip, that transforms and improves any look.

The original inspiration came from the Tahitian pearls that are first used for their gloss. When they discovered how transformative it was for the lips, they sought to have a formula that can give a natural pearlized look to cheeks and eyes too. It is created with natural and organic ingredients which are free of petrochemicals, gluten, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

The shade is in Rose Pearl, which is a metallic rose with green and violet shimmer. It is best used over an eye primer for pigmented and long lasting look.

Look at this glowing beauty! It delivers weightless and buildable pigment in a silicone-free and breathable formula. It easily glides and blends onto skin. You can use direct application, your fingers, or your brush.

It has a holographic hint which you can see on the images provided. The possibilities are endless with this multi-stick.

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream ($7.60) Formulated with banana powder as the inspiration, this under eye cream brightens the delicate eye area and at the same time acts as a base for concealer.

It targets fine lines and disguises dark circles while its texture improves concealer application and wear. Another key ingredient is vitamin C, which helps prevent signs of aging.

The yellow hue is inspired by banana. It supports natural collagen while firming, reviving, and deeply hydrating the entire eye area over time. What’s up with the curdled product, I don’t know – this arrived in less than 2 days from my order via FLASH! shipping.

This is a Woman’s Health 2018 beauty Award winner product and is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It is recommended to put the jar inside the fridge for effective depuffing. You can also use your ring finger when applying to the eyes to avoid tugging of the skin. It is a bonus that it smells fresh and energizing. I’m hoping that it’s just separation but I feel funny using it on my eyes – I sent Sephora an email and I’ll update here when I get a response.

UPDATE – they credited my account $5.95 for this sample.

Benefit BADgal Bang Mascara ($8) It’s an ultra-lightweight mascara that uses aero particles to add volume and length without dragging and clumping. It also has provitamin B5 to promote natural growth.

It’s not heavy on the eyes so you can layer it easy to build up the volume.

The pigment is an intense pitch black. It comes with a brush that is designed to reach from root-to-tip and corner-to-corner of both your upper and lower lashes with 360-degree reach. It’s smudge proof and water resistant too! Definitely a fave!

You can cut along the dotted lines of this smart card to use this as a glitter guard under the eye as you put on your eyeshadow. Okay then.

Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12 Hour Wear in Black ($4.25) On our way to the uncomplicated cat eyes we covet, they added on a silky and waterproof black eyeliner pencil that can last up to 12 hours!

I love that the packaging showcases other colors as well. It will definitely define your eyes and can go along with your eyeshadows, whether matte, glitter, or dewy finish.

This crayon-like contour pencil is also available in 20 shades. Now that is a wide range and can mostly accommodate your preference. All eyeliners are not tested on animals and free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

It is a must to have a good trusty black eyeliner because it does feel bare and incomplete without it. This one has a semi-matte finish which is in contrast with the rest of the glittery makeup in this box. It can line your eyes with a stroke and glides smoothly without tugging – and it stays put!

They created combined eyeliner looks with other items in the box as suggestions and to broaden your options.

GrandeLash MD Lash Enhancing Serum ($32.50) This is an award-winning lash enhancing serum that promotes rapid growth. Use this as the last step before sleeping. This is not a quick fix like extensions or falsies but at least you will grow your own.

It is revolutionary and involves vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants for healthy, longer and thicker lashes in four to six weeks and with full results in 3 months (this is half the full size, so long enough to actually see effects for the 6 weeks it should last). These things take time of course, so apply it religiously. It boosts short or thinning lashes and restores brittle or damaged lashes.

It is dermatologist approved, vegan, and not tested on animals. You can also use this with eyelash extensions can help a longer lasting bond life.

Take a picture of your lashes first so that you will know after 6 weeks if there is an improvement. Great idea! Remove all makeup before application and brush it along the skin closest to your lashes.

I want you to see how sparkly the swatches are when I move my arm, that’s why I have two pictures of it. I’m not even rotating my wrist that hard and I can see the sparkles in a different tone and intensity.

Shining, shimmering, splendid! All are pigmented and had great tones. The liner glided smoothly upon application and had no tugging of the skin. The shadow and the multi-stick have minimal glitter fallout because of their great forumlas and even if it did have a fallout it’s sparkly! Everything is a thumbs up!

I love this innovative idea for a beauty box because the whole thing kind of works like an activity box exclusively for makeup and skincare lovers. It’s like an interactive learning experience, something new and really enjoyable. Sometimes you don’t know what to do with the products or samples you get and this will guide you through everything. It will make you more inspired on using the products in the box, utilizing its potential rather than not using them or stocking them up in your drawers. I’m glad I got to try the products and it’s hard to pick a favorite because I like them all! They can all fit in my makeup bag which is rad and I have approximately $70 worth of luxurious and hyped makeup and skincare from Sephora. It’s definitely a winner, especially with the fun sparkly bag!

What did you think of the PLAY! SMARTS by Sephora Glitter Eyes for Real Life? While supplies last this box is still available for purchase!


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