Penny + Grace June 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Penny + Grace delivers a trio of beautiful and delicate gold-dipped jewelry you can wear every day. You can mix and match these pieces, or layer them all you want. The subscription is $19.99 per month, with free shipping to both the US and Canada.

Subscriptions are available in dipped 18k Gold, Silver, and 18k Rose Gold options, which you can change any time throughout the life of your subscription. You can also select a surprising metal and opt for no earrings.

Every month, all the selections arrive inside a Penny + Grace pouch!

There’s an information card from Penny + Grace.

It provides a general representation of the TYPE of each of the accessories, plus their retail value. It’s a little odd they can’t just put a picture of the item on it.

The pouch is all black, with the box’s logo in the middle. It looks elegantly simple.

Everything in the June 2018 Penny + Grace box!

Yes to separate smaller pouches! It makes accessories easier to store and also prevents them from having scratches.

Cactus Stamped Necklace ($22) Even with a plain white shirt, this gorgeous piece will certainly add flair to your look. The chain is long enough (and even adjustable!) to be noticed.

I like how elegant stamped pendants look. The cactus looked like it’s embellished with little shiny stones when you’re slightly far from it, but as you come closer, you’ll see that it’s just the effect of the design being stamped and embossed.

Cora Hammered Necklace ($26) Another necklace included in the package is this beautiful Cora Hammered necklace. It’s got a similar feel to the chain of the stamped necklace, but this one for me is more charming.

It looks like a slightly curved bar necklace. I love how the main accent follows the neckline, and this will definitely look good on blouses for a busy workday, and even fine dresses for a sophisticated evening date.

Cora Hammered Bracelet ($22) To pair with the beautiful Cora Hammered necklace, this bracelet is just a shorter version of the modish piece.

I love how beautiful this is without being too loud. Adding this accessory to any look will make the wearer look chic and smart, without the added weight.

Jewelry and accessories from Penny + Grace are always a hit for me. Aside from getting rose gold pieces, the contents of the monthly boxes are always well-coordinated.

Penny + Grace is really a great subscription for me, and I love the theme they come up with every month. I can always find a use for them, whether pairing with other accessories I have, wear each alone, or have all the box’s contents in one go. They’re definitely gorgeous and stylish. My favorites for this month are the Cora Hammered necklace and bracelet tandem, but that doesn’t make the stamped one ignored, it’s a close one too! They’re all 100% lead and nickel-free, so I’ve no worries about sensitivity. The only thing I’m missing is a new pair of studs – maybe next month!

What do you think of Penny + Grace this month?

Visit Penny + Grace to subscribe or find out more! Sign up by the 10th for the current month’s box.


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