Parabo Box June-July 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Parabo Box is a new bi-monthly home and lifestyle subscription from Parabo Press. They will turn your best Instagram photo into a new print, and they also send curated accessories to go with it. It costs $39 a month, and shipping is free to the US and Canada.

I love that the box itself has beautiful packaging to match this month’s theme!

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All the items are neatly and securely packaged. And what a surprise that upon opening the box, there’s a really cute picture of our baby!

If ever you’re not satisfied with the box, you can just log on to their website, click the “refund” button for automatic refund, no questions asked and no return shipping required. You won’t do that though, because this is one of the most nicely curated and best value home boxes we’ve seen!

 The info card also serves as art print – and a large one at that! It’s 8.5 x 11 and is a dreamy intro into the hexagon influenced harmony theme.

The theme this month is Harmony! The back of the info card contains a short note from Parabo Box team, along with the breakdown of all that comes in the box.

Everything in the June-July box!

Matte Hex Print. Here’s the hex-shaped photo of our newborn! You get to choose what photo you would like them to print by using the hashtag on your favorite Instagram photo, or they get to choose for you by looking out for your most liked photo of the month. This is such an adorable photo that I definitely would love to have displayed.

Ceramic Hex Planter. This box mostly has items that feature a hexagon, so they also sent us this hex planter!

Live Air Plant. To go inside the planter, we also received a live air plant. This Ionantha air plant features layers upon layers of the prettiest silvery-green leaves. When the Ionantha blooms, it will have beautiful violet flowers, and when in bloom the top of the plant will also turn a bright red. The flowering cycle of this plant is also one of the most beautiful of all of the air plant varieties.

There’s also care instructions that go with the plant. For this plant, you should use rain, pond, or aquarium water, if possible. Do not use distilled or softened water. For in-depth care instructions, you can visit Air Plant Design Studio’s website.

The hex planter has a hole at the bottom that will serve as a drain, like most flowerpots.

It is made of ceramic so it will definitely go well with other house decorations.

Silver Washi Tape. This roll of silver washi tape is mostly for decor purposes. This one is a smidge wider than regular washi, which is perfect.

My metallic washi tape pro-tip – I actually keep these for my travel kit and cover up glowing lights on hotel rooms (and anything with a light on it at home, like my fan). That is, after I use it to decorate everything I need!

I also found a canvas pouch along with the other items.

Leopardite Stone. The pouch contains a Leopardite Stone.

Leopardite is a form of jasper than has leopard-like spots created by iron and manganese. Its other names include leopard jasper, leopardskin jasper, leopard rock and leopardskin agate.

This stone usually has either dark spots and patterns on a lighter background, while others have white spots on a dark background.

They said that this stone promotes acceptance and understanding of oneself and others.

Aside from being a good decorating piece, this stone also channels positive and peaceful energy.

Wood Hex Shelf. It’s a hex floating frame/shelf that harmonizes with almost everything in this box.

The wood is quite thick and looks durable. This will perfectly house small collectibles or just look perfectly and minimally chic all by itself on the wall or on a shelf.

There’s a slot where I can put a mounting piece when I put this up on our wall.

Thick Hex Felt Board. To aid with using the floating shelf, we also got this set of felt board and pins.

The felt board, which will serve as the mount board, also has Parabo’s logo at the back. There’s a hole if you need to hang this up.

Set Of Pins. It’s great that I don’t need to look for pins to use in sticking the photo on to the board as they provided several pieces.

All I can say is that everything is in perfect HARMONY! From the shapes, the items that go well together, and even the contrasting elements just give justice to the theme. I love all the hex-shaped items, as well as the high-quality print. Even the plant and the stone is a great addition to our home, they give positive vibes! The air plant, upon reading the instructions, is easy to take care of. Parabo Box never fails to impress us with their selection that’ll definitely keep our home in style while keeping our precious memories in fantastic prints!

This box is still available, but on the verge of selling out – grab it now if you want it!

Are you getting Parabo Box?

Visit Parabo Box to subscribe or find out more!


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