Orglamix July 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Orglamix is a monthly vegan beauty and makeup subscription box. Every month you’ll get vegan beauty products with a cute monthly theme! Some months are more skin care and body care focused, others have a good dose of Orglamix mineral makeup. Orglamix has recently added the Eyeshow Edit box for $21.95 a month with 3 shades of highly pigmented mineral shadows.

Orglamix box comes in this beautiful pink color with pictures of various fruits and vegetables on it.

DEAL: Save $5 on your first month with coupon code CRATEJOY.

All the items for this month’s box are neatly packed and filled with squigglies to prevent them from moving around.

The June theme was FRUITY BEAUTY.

The information card has details on every item plus useful tips.

Everything in the July 2018 Box!

Orglamix Superfruit Under Eye Serum ($32) Formulated with a combination of superfruits, this eye serum helps repair the dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. It comes in a slim bottle with a pump. It’s a really substantial size for an eye product and the oil-based serum has a great summery scent and works perfectly as a night treatment for me.

Aside from the concoction of various essential oils, it has shea butter, lotus flower extract, and vitamin E. It has no harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Orglamix Citrus Rhapsody Perfume Oil ($19) YAS! Fragrance has returned! The citrus scent perfume oil comes in a roll-on bottle, so it’s easy to use. A little of the oil goes a long way.

It has a great combo of grapefruit, basil, and lime, with undertones of bamboo and cedar – deep and delicious!

Orglamix Super Nights Soaking Tea Salts ($15) This small bottle of tea salts is for those days when you are in need of relaxation. It is a combination of Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, and essential oils like bergamot, orange, and hibiscus. Everything included in this bottle is all natural!

I love the texture of the salt, as well as the bits and pieces of flowers too. The smell is amazing! It comes with a little baggie to catch the organic bits in your bath.

Orglamix Banana Glaze Pure Mineral Eyeshadow ($9) Banana Glaze is a light yellow eyeshadow shade. It brings radiance to your whole look without being overpowering.

Orglamix Papaya Glow Pure Mineral Eyeshadow ($9) Papaya Glow is a warm brown eyeshadow shade. Neutrals and warm shades like these are so easy to work on any look.

These eyeshadows are all natural ! You got to hand it to Orglamix when it comes to their packaging, it’s too cute. Each mineral eyeshadow has this plastic cover on it with holes so that you can shake a few of the powder loose and use a brush to use it on your eyelids. This way, you will be able to control the amount of mineral eyeshadow that you are going to use.

Orglamix Coconut Eyeshadow Primer Serum ($12.50) Concealers and eyeshadows are promised to last longer with the help of this natural primer serum.

It contains organic coconut pulp, which smooths and hydrates your skin. Just a light dab will do the trick! Good thing, because this bottle is teeny weeny!

Here are the swatches! I swatched each shadow by itself and again with the primer – the results are fabulous!

Orglamix has raised the bar when it comes to makeup and skincare. I always look forward to the mineral eyeshadows they send because of the awesome and well-pigmented shades. This month, they didn’t disappoint me with the fruit-themed eyeshadow colors. I loved the neutral one as it matches my skin tone nicely. Another happy surprise is the tea salts. It made my skin soft and smooth, and it was really relaxing too. And of course I was thrilled to get a fragrance item – keep them coming Orglamix!

What do you think of this month’s Orglamix?

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  • PA Anna

    The tea salts look beautiful.

  • Deb

    What a difference in the shadow shades with that primer! This box is adorable!