My Fashion Crate July 2018 Subscription Box Review

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My Fashion Crate is a monthly subscription box for Fashionistas that sends a curated package of stylish clothing, accessories, beauty items, & gift cards delivered to your mailbox! What can you expect to find in here?

Every month, enjoy premium, curated products exclusively for stylish and fabulous women.

-Clothing including shirts, sweaters, dresses, skirts or outerwear
-Fun and trendy fashion accessories
-Coupons up to 70% for exclusive brands so you can shop online yourself
-Gift Cards from top brands and other surprises!

The silvery rainbow mailer is always so pretty! My Fashion Crate ships all over the world and comes in two levels: The Premium Box is $49.95 plus shipping and will be packed with 5-8 items including shirts, dresses, separates, shoes, jewelry, accessories or gift cards (Value up to $300). The Essential Box is $35 plus shipping and will be packed with 3-4 items including shirts, dresses, separates, shoes, jewelry, accessories or gift cards (Value up to $200).

I am reviewing the Premium Box. Here’s a look at everything in my box! All of the items are brand new and still in their bags.

Start by figuring out which size you need using the sizing chart. I ordered my daughters a size small and the items were kind of big.

I received a product info card with details on all the items in both the Essential and Premium box and suggested retail price.

The back features the additional items that come in the Premium Box. There was also info on how to share your box on social media.

Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Face Mask ($8) Sheet masks are fun to use and I suggest using them while watching TV or something so it doesn’t slip off your face.

Place it on your face after cleansing and let it sit for 10-20 minutes, then throw away the mask and rub any remaining serum into your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizer and the sheet mask itself is made of renewable bamboo.

Deco Miami Petite Palm Lacquer ($8) I think Deco Miami has one of the best-looking nail polish bottles out there, and they are designed to be pretty enough to set on a dresser. Deco Miami polishes are 8-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

This shade is supposed to look like the color of a baby palm tree and is opaque in two coats.

Remake Pin & Wallet Guide ($10) The pin isn’t available for purchase but it is a cheap plastic pin so I can’t see it being worth $10, unless the money goes to charity.

The guide is meant to go in your wallet so you can make informed choices when shopping for clothes. It listed some retailers that they urge you to skip purchasing due to being irresponsible.

It also gave info on how you can get involved in helping women earn fair wages for making clothes, and some statistics on how many resources are used in making our clothes.

31 Bits Sand Bar Bracelet ($16.80) This item may not be a piece of clothing but it is from what sounds like a responsible company, a company that pays fair wages to its employees who also work in a clean and safe workshop.

It’s a bracelet and it was packaged very nicely.

There was a card with info about the workers and a 31 Bits $15 Gift Card. I think the least expensive item I found on the site started at $14.

The beads are made by hand by women in Uganda and the brass accent is hand-made in Bali. Can you believe the beads are made with paper? They are covered in some sort of glaze though so they feel like proper beads. This is very pretty and I’m not sure if the color I was sent was random or on purpose but it coordinates well with the other items sent this month!

Re:named Leona Striped Sleeveless Top ($45) I couldn’t find this exact color online but the blue version was recently selling for $15.75 on Nordstrom Rack.

The package said this color is “taupe” and it is made of dry-clean only rayon.

There was an extra button included in case one goes missing and the shirt is sleeveless with a ruffle in the front and a collar.

Here it is as modeled by my 20-year old.

Positive Elements Tan Joy Pouch ($54) There are around 7 different colors of pouch to choose from on the Positive Elements site but I think this tan shade is pretty neutral.

The pouch is made of genuine leather and it smells pretty strong, like when you buy a new car and it smells strong for the first few months. Note the “Made in North America” sticker; Mexico is a part of North America, of course! Positive Elements pays their workers in Mexico 40% above minimum wage and provides a family-friendly work environment.

The inside of the pouch is lined with a striped fabric and there is a zipper closure. The handle is golden, maybe brass? It’s about as big as a makeup bag so pare down your accessories to take this along with you for an evening out.

You can see the bag here, along with the bracelet and ruffled top.

There was also a coupon code for $50 off of a purchase over $100 on the Positive Elements website.

The next two items were sent in the Premium Box only. 

Very J Ruffle Tie-Front Cardigan ($58) I could only find this cardigan in black so I linked to that product instead.

The cardigan has a deep V in front and is made of rayon fabric, which suggests dry cleaning for best results but it can be washed in cold water and line dried.

There is a tie in the front along with ruffles, and more ruffles on the sleeves. Ruffles must be having their moment.

Here it is on Gemma. She is wearing it with the shirt shown earlier.

LARITZY Liquid Lip Stain in Pebbles ($20) LARITZY products are vegan and cruelty-free and are paraben-free.

The stain is meant to be long lasting and the color is supposed to work with a variety of skin tones.

Here it is swatched on my inner arm. I liked it for myself!

I think My Fashion Crate did a good job of putting together items that worked well with each other – it was kind of color coordinated! I think I forgot the pretty bracelet in this picture but it has some salmon toned beads that go good with the minty nail polish and the colors of the blouse and cardigan. The pouch was neutral and also matched well, just like the lipstick. I wasn’t a fan of the plastic pin but I think the pouch and bracelet are from companies who pay fair wages and provide safe work environments so I applaud their inclusion in the box, plus, they are of remarkable quality. My box had a value of around $131.80 (I left the $10 for the pin out of that value), using a sale price for the bracelet, but not for the shirt. If you take advantage of the included coupons then that adds another $65 to the value of the Essentials Box. Add in another $78 for the two extra items in the Premium Box, which is a total of $274.80 if you use all of the coupons (and again, I left the $10 pin off).

What do you think of My Fashion Crate? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Visit My Fashion Crate to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Deb

    Believe me Holly, if it had been bigger it never would have been shown to my daughter, but don’t tell her I said so!

  • Holly

    I love that leather purse. If it was in a lager size I would snap it up!