Loot Crate DX June 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Loot Crate DX is a deluxe monthly subscription box from Loot Crate. It’s themed with the regular Loot Crate theme, except it contains premium next level loot for discerning geeks! It’s like a special edition box from Loot Crate – every month!

DEAL: Save $5 on your first month with coupon code hellosubscription (or save 10% on your entire subscription!).

Only one person came to mind after seeing “clever girl” on the bottom of the box: Robert Muldoon of Jurassic Park!

The box comes with a tri-fold booklet.

The theme this month is COLOSSAL DX!

The booklet gives you a list of all the items in the box. It’s super sturdy and has a nice premium feel.

All the Loot Crate DX goodies this month!

Jurassic World Raptor Pin. In the movie Jurassic World, there’s the Velociraptor Pack or simply the Raptor Squad, a group of clever, carnivorous, and well-trained “swift thieves.” We got a pin that features one of the Raptors and it’s in 3D!

Even without the Raptor’s color, we know that this is Blue as he’s the only surviving member of the Squad.

This is really a good piece. I love that it is not like the usual flat pins that we get from subscription boxes.

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Long Sleeve T-Shirt. I’ll definitely stay warm and cozy in our 85+ degree weather (really guys, let’s lose the long sleeves during the summer) with this long sleeve shirt that features one of the Ghostbuster villains, the Marshmallow Man! Besides the long sleeve issue the shirt is great!

The messed up yet cute and sweet Marshmallow Man design is an artwork by Crystal Fontan (a.k.a. Bamboota), the person who popularized Parody Cereal tees.

The next item is placed inside a paper dino crate, for easy pre-historic transport!

Jurassic Park Socks. It’s a pair of fierce Jurassic Park socks that feature the T-rex!

The T-rex from Jurassic Park made an appearance in Jurassic World, and as Isla Nublar was being abandoned again, the T-rex is again on the loose!

By the looks of this next item, I’m guessing it’s the art print!

Thanos Art Print. It’s another great artwork from Dave Perillo, the one who also made the Black Panther print from the February 2018 DX crate! Love love love his style.

It still shows the colorful style of his work, and this looks more like a fun poster than a scary villain print. This will really put a smile on Thanos’ face!

The Limited Edition prints were also numbered, and this is made by Grey Matter Art and licensed from Universal.

Kong On The Planet Of The Apes Trade Paperback By Ryan Ferrier ($19.99)

The last remaining Kong is brought to Ape City but when he sees what the Apes have done to humanity, Kong fights back!

Following the events of the original Planet of the Apes 1968 film, Dr. Zaius and General Ursus lead a small group of soldiers to the Forbidden Zone to destroy any remaining evidence of Taylor’s time among them. To their surprise, they discover…A KONG! Now they must venture to Skull Island with Cornelius and Zira to discover the truth, but they may not survive the deadliest journey of their lives!

From fan favorite Ryan Ferrier (D4VE, Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II) and critically-acclaimed Carlos Magno (Kong of Skull Island, Planet of the Apes) comes the ultimate showdown of Ape vs. Kong!

The book is a limited edition Loot Crate version, and the cover art is also exclusive for Loot Crate.

The comic is fully colored and has glossy pages.

When two epic worlds of apes collide, what would you expect? Also, this is the first dibs before the official release that contains all six issues! Good to have it around!

Gundam Figures. These made me excited! I got not just one, but two supersize mech collectibles from Gundam Universal Unit 2 Assortment!

I got MS-06S Char’s Zaku II and RX-78-02 GUNDAM.

The giant fighting robots are ready to assemble!

They also got instructions in Japanese, but the images clearly illustrate how to build them.

The first one that I build was the RX-78-02 Gundam.

It is the titular mobile suit of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga. It was piloted by Amuro Ray during the One Year War.

This robot is armed with 2 Vulcan gun, 2 beam saber, 2 shoulder magnum, 2 machine guns, a Gatling gun, handheld beam rifle, and a shield. Aside from those armaments, there are also optional ones like the Hyper Bazooka and a Shoulder Cannon.

The parts were neatly packaged and organized, so it would be easier to identify which parts go where when building these armed robots.

Like the first one, the inside of the box contains the instructions on how to build it.

This red one is the MS-06S Char’s ZAKU II.

Char Aznable piloted this one during the One Year War and is an improved version of the MS-06F. It was also customized to Char’s personal red colors, and being a commander’s unit, a horn was attached to its head.

Unlike the first one, this has only a few armaments: a shoulder shield, 2 machine cannons, a handheld heat hawk, and a machine gun. And for optional ones, it can use an ASR-78 Anti-Space Ship Rifle and a Bazooka.

The fighting robots look like they’re ready to battle! Assembling Gundams is really tedious but seeing the end product, all the effort is worth it. FYI – some people received two Attack on Titan mystery boxes instead of Gundam figs.

This box is really COLOSSAL, in terms of contents and variety. It’s a sure win for us, getting 2 fighting robots, a fun pair of socks, a comfy long sleeve tee (these two wearables actually go perfectly together and they’ll be rad in September!), and some amazing artwork! The entire box is a hit save for the lack of seasonality, and so far, this box has a good reputation of no misses! It’s the perfect subscription for geeks to get their hands on premium and exclusive collectibles!

What did you think of Loot Crate DX this month?

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  • Christian

    Ok I get that now I dont have the box that became a dog toy fast. I dont understand why I got a 2XL shirt tho

  • Christian

    It will not let me respond.

    I got the Exact crate I left this comment on. The shirt is NOT the size my subscription is marked for and I am missing an item.

    • Hello Subscription

      Yeah, sorry, we’re having a technical issue with that. Your box was a gift with purchase (read the very bottom of the label). It probably came with an orange card about a bonus crate, etc. This box was not part of your subscription, it was a bonus item, and the book was not included in the bonus. Probably says something like JUN DX 2XL GWP at the very bottom of the label under the bar code.

  • Christian

    I got a 2XL shirt when my subscription says M and I didnt get the kong book!!! Dissappinted!!!

    • Hello Subscription

      So what you got was a GWP for something you bought during the July 4 sale (check the label it will say GWP). If you purchased DX during the July sale your first box would be July. I hope that helps. I renewed all of our subscriptions during this sale and have 10 3XL stay puft shirts.