Loot Anime June 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupons – ACTION

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Loot Anime is a monthly subscription box from Loot Crate, just for Anime and Manga fans! Every month you’ll get $60 worth of anime figures, collectibles, manga, apparel, accessories and more.

Loot Anime’s theme of the month is ACTION.

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This month’s poster features Juni Taisen (Zodiac War)!

The back of the poster serves as the information sheet. It lists of all the anime goodies in this box.

Everything in the June 2018 Crate!

Land of the Lustrous Pin. Land of the Lustrous is a series by Haruko Ichikawa, who also illustrated this month’s manga cover pin.

From top to bottom, the pin features Bort, Phosphophyllite, Diamond, and Morganite. They are the Jewels in this series, I mean, literal “jewel people.”

Alita: Battle Angel T-Shirt. This purple tee’s design is based from the series Alita: Battle Angel!

Motorball is the most popular sports on this post-apocalyptic series. The shirt features an image of the actual Alita Motorball, which is the ball used in this game.

The motorball weighs 40 kilograms and is 30 centimeters in diameter. It is heavy enough that it can slow down the fastest of competitors from their normal supersonic speeds. The motorball has several randomly activating protrusions that simulate random movement. The protrusions, and thus the movement, can be stopped by hitting a switch within the finger holes of the ball. Should the motorball be lost on a course, a new motorball will be released a predetermined distance from the finish line.

Naruto Shippuden Socks. If it didn’t have the label, or if they did not indicate that it’s from Naruto, I might think that this is based on Deadpool (with that black and red color combination)!

This pair of crew socks can fit sizes 10-13. It’s made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex.

The pair features the Hokage Ninja Academy symbol, aside from the anime title written on the foot part of the socks.

This is really a comfy pair, and the quality is great!

The Hokage (火影Literally meaning: Fire Shadow) is the Kage of Konohagakure, a title bestowed on the village’s leader. The Hokage is generally regarded as the strongest shinobi in the village. There have been seven Hokage in the village’s history.

Claymore Bandana. This bandana is inspired by the uniform of Clare, the main character in Claymore.

The large bandana also features the three-pronged symbol of the Claymores, and this one is uniquely assigned to Clare.

Goblin Slayer Light Novel. The readable we got this month is a Japanese dark fantasy light novel series written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki, The Goblin Slayer!

In a world of fantasy, adventurers come far and wide to join the Guild, in order to complete contracts for whatever jobs are available. An inexperienced priestess joins her first adventuring party, but comes into danger after her first adventurer contract involving goblins goes wrong. After the rest of her party is wiped out, she is saved by a man known as Goblin Slayer, an adventurer whose only purpose is the eradication of goblins with extreme prejudice.

This is limited edition and exclusive for Loot Crate!

This book is a break from the series of mangas we are getting each month, and I actually like the format that we got!

Of course, if you’re going to be a Goblin Slayer, you should know each type. This novel provided that information too! It’s an interesting read!

Zodiac War Coffee Mug. Zodiac War It’s a bamboo fiber cup that features the battle royale of the 12 Chinese zodiac-related mercenary warriors!

The cup is placed inside a box that also features the majestic illustration of Hikaru Nakamura.

It really has an interesting plot, and the artwork on the cup itself is high-quality!

It features all the Zodiac Warriors, in 360 degrees!

It’s now a thing to use bamboo fiber on most kitchen and dinnerware. Aside from being eco-friendly, it is lighter and safer too.

It even has a lid and a sleeve, so it would be easier to handle when it holds your hot beverage!

This is one good box. It’ll be great if they just brought back the figures that we are waiting for every month. Again, we’re missing that item and the curation still feels incomplete without the figures, at least once in a while. For this box, I really like the Alita shirt, and the Naruto socks are a great bonus item. The bamboo cup is really useful and I love the fact that they put in mind the impact it will make by using those kinds of eco-friendly materials. The featured anime/mangas for this box were truly action-packed. Subscribing to this box is also a great way to know new anime or manga titles that we can watch or read as well.

What’s your favorite item from this month’s Loot Anime?

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