July 2018 eSalon Custom Hair Color Subscription Review + Coupon

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eSalon Custom Hair Color is an at home custom color subscription. When you first log in and sign up you fill out a survey and answer questions about what you are looking for in a color and what color you currently are etc. eSalon then has a chart showing where you are and what would work for you. From this, they will send a custom blended color right to your door. They have recently changed up their two different subscriptions into one so we got a large box this month with out color and the extras.

The bigger box with all of my color and extras in one place!

DEALeSalon‘s color is $24.95 per box, $19.99 on subscription – try your first month for $10 with this link!

The box comes with a bottle of the developer, color, gloves, the kit and a sticker.

The kit box comes with stain guard and remover, and shampoo and conditioner.

The coloring directions came in a new pocket sleeve this month to go along with the new box design. You can see right on the front that I adjusted my color this month.  Adjusting color is easy and I can just go into my account an make a note. I usually try to do this right after I color my hair for the next time so I don’t forget. This time I wanted a bit more blonde in my hair for summer since I knew I would be getting some sun bleach naturally.

The frontlist the included products and color and basic instructions.

The thorough instructions on the back side of the insert are easy to follow.

I had a day off this week and my boys and I were going to the museum but since my body still wakes me up at my normal time I thought “let’s color my hair.”  This is as close as a how I look right when I get up look. I had gone down to grab a drink and put my fitbit on the charger but then I started so it’s pretty close.

This was driving me crazy. I’ve had my box here for a while but didn’t have the time to color and my grays were really bugging me. I could see them very noticeable but others thought most were blonde highlights in there. I HAD to get the color in.

I have a bowl and brush that I got as an extra from eSalon. To start, I mix the developer and the color and get all of my supplies ready to go.

Color is in and I’m ready to wash it out. I wear the eSalon cape to protect my shirts when coloring. I used to just use a towel but it was so heavy and clunky that I added the cape to one of my orders and it is so much easier to use and wash up. The instructions say to concentrate on my roots and that is what I did but I dragged a bit through with my fingers when I took the clips out and right before I went into the shower to wash it out.

Yay!  I love my hair. It always looks so fresh and feels so smooth and healthy after I color it. While I had a hard time finding the time to color it this month there is no way I could have gone out to a salon and had it done.  That would have taken even more time. eSalon makes it so easy to color and give me happy hair!

I think the light got to me in this one but you can see the color changes in my hair and how I don’t have all of those fly away grays.

The individual extras that I ordered come in their own bags to keep them neat in transit and since my travel supplies were already bagged they just came next to these.

eSalon used to have a separate subscription for their extras called the Matchup but they now just have them available as extras in your box. I got a couple extras in my box this month. If you choose your favorites to auto-ship them, you save 20% on your extras.

Heart Lock It Shampoo and Love Unconditionally Conditioner ($15.00 each) – Sulfate-free shampoo that is perfect for color treated hair and gentle conditioner that hydrates while preventing your color-treated hair.

Color Care Travel Trio ($10.00) – I’ve got multiple trips coming up to end the summer and start the fall so getting some on the go products was a must.

Another great month for coloring my hair with my eSalon box.  They make it so easy for me to do on my own time when I can work it in. The instructions and products are easy to follow and use and give me great results each month.  Being able to add on my extras also saves me a ton of time. I get products that I know will work with my colored hair and I don’t have to go to the store and remember to pick anything up. It is the perfect win-win combination!

Have a happy hair day!

Do you color your own hair? Have you tried eSalon? You can try your first at-home color for $10 with this link – no coupon code required!

Visit eSalon to subscribe or to find out more!


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